Monday, April 4, 2011

April's Artistic April #3 (and bonus)

Day #3...kept to one page. Animal stalking, cooking, scrapping, boyfriend missing, chicken gathering kind of day.
and THIS blast from the past .... seemingly placed where it wasn't supposed to be (behind my fave books and magazines?? really??) and then also....unfinished as it was never dated (that soooooo irritates me). BUT, due to the journaling I would have to gather that it was about the same time my life was becoming out of control and this humor was the way that I dealt with it. I read this --- and I literally laughed out loud at myself. LOVE IT.

I have a kid home from school today -- but am planning on some fun play time tossed in there at some point :)


  1. love how your challenge is going. wish mine was going as well. and i adore that lo. wowzer. still a classic today. love love love it. and love the different fonts.

  2. oh and i meant to say how jealous i am of all the cool photos of you. i neeeeed some cool photos.