Thursday, September 27, 2012

Memory Keeper. I volunteered.

This layout, done for another of the challenges @SNC, the BookOfMe bySharon - it was a difficult one.
I literally had this sitting on my desk for two days.  Not because I was necessarily stuck on design or anything fun like that, no.   Papers? Nope, they pretty much picked themselves.    The journaling - that had me at a standstill.   Strange, right??  Being that I'm the one that gives the journaling challenge @SNC, I would normally be ALL OVER the journaling.  And usually I am.   This time, not so much.  Here is the "Dear Gram,"
My picture is sucky not so good - so I will be so kind as to transcribe my writing for viewing: 

Dear Gram, 
I am so very glad and thankful that we have had you in our lives as long as we have.  My kids lives are better for having gotten to know you.  You may not always know me, but I know somewhere, where your memories are being kept - I am there. I think of you often - particularly when crafting - one of the things you brought to everyone.  Along with the ability to organize a party for any one at any time. Your friendly personality could keep anyone at ease.  I have learned much from you and even though you may not always remember - I have the memories for you and I'll share them with you any time.      

ARE YOU STILL THERE??   and this would be the reason that I put it off...and put it off...I kind of knew what I wanted to write.  I just didn't really want to write it.   Writing it makes it more REAL?  More permanent?   I don't know.  Maybe I was just hiding from the feelings.  Because I know for sure that I had them, while thinking about what I was going to write, definitely while writing, and even while transcribing the same words for all to see.   I cried more about this layout than I have in a while. I had to toss myself in the shower when I was done because I felt a watery mess already.  My grandmother, always free with ideas (crafting or otherwise) has dementia.  The last time I saw her (the day of this picture), she knew my kids.  She even knew their names.   Mine?  Not so much. I know that she knew me, but she didn't give a name to me, and I didn't press to give her one.  Who am I to upset her when she's having enough of an issue with life every day?  Doesn't seem right to make it just ONE MORE THING that she can't remember even though she knows that she should.  I would not be the cause of that frustration. 
But you know what, my friends?  This needed to be done, even with as vehemently as I tried to avoid completing it.  Scrapping is, afterall, a form of therapy for me.   I am supposed to be able to string together thoughts/feelings/emotions and get a person to SEE and FEEL with me.   Tell me, did you feel something?  I know I did.

and yep, crying again.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

another day, another challenge.

@ScrapNChat, Resa tosses us a "scraplift" LO to use.  The gist of this time around was to use "blurred" photos (not a problem. our kids were wild animals when we were trying to snap pics anyway, so blurry was the only option). 

I have started a "new trend" with myself --- the "& Again"  series of pages.   We take pictures of the kids the day that we leave.  It helps ease the kids emotions a little (some times more than others) and gives them something to look at in the next span of time until they see each other again. 

here we have "& again 9.2012": 
It also helps remind the kids (and ourselves at times too) that "it's not goodbye, it's *see you later*".

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Challengezzz...that's "really very plural"

I am a self-proclaimed slacker with this blog.   My apologies to my peeps @ScrapNChat, *I* am the one that about 2weeks or so ago said "I DARE YOU to complete as many challenges as possible ASAP...GO!!".    And ... uh... I havent posted them because I'm blog-lazy.   I am nothing if I am not honest. 

All of that out of the system -- HERE WE GO with the challenges I've completed!! 

This one "A Day Out On The Town", done for the Barb's RECIPE challenge @SNC:

 #2 and #3 
  "& Again" done for TWO of the challenges combined:
*Janet's "flower from Washi tape" was genius (I chose rosettes)

and *Peggy's STAMP challenge "balancing act" inspired my Teresa Collins 'remember this' stamp with a StudioG butterfly :)
bringing us to ... #4 and #5
"I Know"
*Lynn's HYBRID AIN'T JUST FOR CARS challenge (thus my genius word-art heart and computer journaling
*Janell has a ScrapYourStash challenge with MONOCHROMATIC this month (hence my WHITE usage)

ALSO, I did participate in another ( #6), which was Peggy's CARD challenge to use a silhouette.  Gracie and I made a get well card for her grandma.   I was alllll kind of proud of myself that we did that quick, blahblahblah...then stuck the card in the photo of the completed card *snort*

AND THAT is why, when you toss down a gauntlet, you have to not be blog-lazy like me ;)

Friday, September 14, 2012


PAM @Scrap N Chat had the bright idea that we would have a SPEED SCRAP drill tonight :)
She put up a "sample" which has elements (should you choose to use them in part or in total) and the object is to complete and then share.   

MY example is below: 
Mz ChickenLittle's 1st day @her new school.  She did have fun ;)

Until tomorrow - my scrapping minions!

FINALLY something done.

Well, I say that as if I haven't done ANYTHING in the last two weeks.   I have.   Not a whole ton of "creativity" for fun, but I've done a lot of things.  

THIS layout I started ....I'll stick with "a while ago" (read:  almost two weeks ago, on the 4th) for a challenge over @ScrapNChat.   Thank you to Sherrie for the challenge of a "sunburst" pattern on the LO.  I k]now she was probably intending for patterned paper usage, but I am a rule breaker /massively creative genius outside the box thinker? I don't know.  I see sunburst though (and the blue bird of happiness in the background of the totally amazing pic).  

 and no, I don't mean that my pic posting is the amazing pic, because quite frankly it is horrible and should have been a do-over.  BUT, laziness won that battle and THERE IT IS.

NOW, back to my mad home-making skillz ---- I gotta go paint something ;)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Falling back into the swing of some things...September scrap challenge??

Yes, I am aware that my scrapping instances have been sooooo far between. 
Thanks to the great and spectacular group of ladies @Scrap N Chat - they have allowed (or is it tolerated??) my mojo being completely hidden from me, and having pretty much the whole summer off of my challenges.  I have felt some mojo flowing (actually, a mojo is an awkward thing sometimes, because it can show itself in non-scrappy ways, which I guess is cool, unless scrapping is what you NEED it for!) and my two challenges *should you choose to accept either* are as follows :)

Journaling Challenge September 1, 2012: 
Use multiple journaling spots.  This can be multiple handwritten on the paper, multiple die cut by you/prepurchased (such as mine on the following)...and yes I actually did have another one planned incase my words ran away with themselves and didnt fit ;)
Also, this continues with my family theme of RANDOM #____ layouts.  Are they really in numerical order?  Heck no.  I just try not to repeat the same number - and if I do repeat it?  I don't really think it matters, seriously.  It's not like there are any rules or that I would actually follow them if there were any.  (Rules=more like guidelines anyway. the best thing learned from Pirates of the Caribbean movies)

Close up of the titling: 
close up of the journaling: 

ATC CHALLENGE September 1, 2012
in honor of labor day weekend ;)

I started out with a piece of 2.5 x 3.5 chipboard as a base.   I used red/blue mist and did an acrylic paint wash with white paint (I actually did that first, before the mist and after). I used a masking technique then for the heart and the USA...and added some TimHoltz ink for a rustic-type look.  my "i" made out of a Ki Memories American flag and rhinestones and fibers (compliments of Lynn -which came from  Great Balls Of Fiber which OF COURSE she now wants back because I used it *snort*

SO - your challenges are posted!  Should you chose to accept either of them, one of them, or neither (if you wanna BE that way) --- come visit us at Scrap N Chat ;)

Happy Labor Day Weekend