Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August: Stupidest description of a challenge...maybe EVER.

So.   I knew that I wanted to give the journaling challenge at SNC a bump...a bump meaning, I wanted to have a lot of words.  I had a lot to say.     So, did I call this "journal without a photo"? or "journal a one-month synopsis"?  Nope.  Not me.    That would be ... sensical?   I have dubbed this, "journal with A LOT OF WORDS".  *moment of silence*

Okay, I guess you can possibly refer to it as the other two things as well, but the fact that the description that I "had to" stick with was so flippin' stupid??  That's what I'm going with.  OH and to top it all off??? the photo is sideways and REFUSES TO BE FIXED.   totally irritating. 

ATC/TAG Challenge, which has been on vacation a bit...
The challenge is to use WATERCOLORS on your tag.  I used some watercolors for the background, did some sewing (ugly job with a mini-machine that I found in the garage, and promptly donated), and then stamped with bubble wrap.    

The words are in honor of my new job :) :) :)  
which I had orientation for today (is it proper to feel kind of disoriented after orientation? what?)