Saturday, October 15, 2011

it's the neglectful season...

Yep, this is the time of the year that I severely neglect my blog. Today, I am going to blame it on the weather. Because today's weather is AWESOME...sunny, lovely 70 degrees temperature and a perfect beautiful breeze *sigh* LOVE IT. My FAVORITE time of the year - so I can be happy that I'm living my life instead of hiding on the computer. My ADHD seems to be much worse during the pretty weather. I can hide when it starts freezing...or the temperature reaches the OMG-I-AM-FRYING-FROM-THE-INSIDE temperatures again. Is it a date? sure it is. Some things that I have done lately (project speaking) include the following....

Every Friday @Moments they have Friday Fast Track -- which is where a sketch gets posted and you have 2 hours to complete and upload to be eligable for cars and millions of dollars and stuff...or maybe it's just the stuff...but the other two things sound cool. (TOLD you the ADHD was kickin'). ANYWAY, I am usually either traveling, playing softball or expecting company and readying the abode for such. SO - imagine my shock and not-so-awe at the fact that I was home for the extravaganza last night! I did a layout that cracked me up - this is me at the ZooBoo (anual trick or treat @the Norfolk Zoo) -- and this was one of the WORST costumes ever. Why??? pulled my udders. An adult MAN pulled my udders. I almost felt like I had to shower in bleach and go for some massive therapy afterward.

THIS one was friggin awesome - same event, same year, but the pirate costume rocked. It helped that the other studio actually had a dude that dressed up a la capt. jack for parties...he was good too! and know what? I don't remember his name AT ALL so I will always consider him capt jack that I hung out with all day at the event with real swords and we got pictures taken with MANY MANY people. It was awesome! ((by the way, say a silent word or two for me, as this is my first out of the last five zoo boo events that I am missing *sigh*))

These are my two monsters - done as a scraplift from CK October 2011 Pg 17. I used QK to cut out my "skulls" which are actually pears --- and then I had to trace them all and cut them out of the paper - because the pear shape has a stem right next to it that you have to cut out so there was no way to do it with the machine. oh.the.pain.and.repetitive.cutting. I like it though, much fun!

You like? Yes, no? comment anyway...i can take it >:)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


So it sounds so much more serious than it is. A fluttery stalker was the best kind to have. Usually *I* stalk them, but this one landed right on my lens, then on my viewfinder, then on my head...he was mocking me really...but it was a good time either way :)

This was for a scraplift challenge hosted by Janet over @Moments. Another awesome challenge!

Friday, September 30, 2011

New Challenge?? and my 100th blog post!!

Now THAT is exciting!!
Over @ScrappingTheMoments the DT is unleashing a new set of challenges tomorrow!!!

Since my last couple of challenges have been so serious - I'm giving everyone a break of a sort (well, not really a break, it just means that next month will be more thought/anxiety provoking is all...but shhhhhhh if they think it's a "break", it's all good). Anyway -- the challenge this month was to journal about something "awesome". I originally had a thought of a "this is what I did on my summer vacation" type thing...guess that would qualify as "awesome" because don't the kids have to write things like that at school anymore??

MY trip of the summer, which was cut from everyone else's 7 days down to like 3 (sigh-work)...was still friggin awesome. In all honesty - I'm not crazy about the die cuts I used for the title...but I then colored on them with white pen and felt a "little" better about it - but in all truth, I wanted to rip it off and scream in a mad fit while stomping my feet at the injustice of it all. HOWEVER, taking the mature way --- I decided to suck it up and say IT'S OKAY (thanks AliE).

CHALLENGE yourself...or maybe it's not much of a challenge --- scrap something AWESOME and share :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's not STEALING really...'s BORROWING. Because it IS going back to her ;)
I love to borrow Lynn's pictures. Her peeps send the bestest stuff !

This is for *JESS*'s Recipe Challenge for September @Moments. GO VISIT! THe recipe itself is amazzzzzzzzzing...and the challenge is cool too :)

*Orange Patterned Paper

*at least 3 hearts

*one flourish or swirl


*something you love

I love her face.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Well, the amazing part actually is that I'm finally posting and the month is a bit more than 1/2 over?!? My apologies for being a sucky blogger (why did my inner 13-year-old boy just laugh and giggle at that?? HOLD the immaturity for a minute ugh).

Over at ScrappingTheMoments challenges on the 1st and the 15th are always a way to bust out some mojo and let the creativity flow!! Some great talented chickies hang out there! ... oh, and me too *snort*

Lynn and her Heritage challenge was today's conquest for me:

Come visit!! or at least come back here and leave a comment - would it kill a person to comment? ;)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School - OH YEAH! Blog Hop!

Good morning! I hope you are enjoying your hop around DT blogs so far!
I am April and I host the Journaling Challenge at ScrappingTheMoments and we have a blast!!
My first few challenges have been about favorite items and other "feel good" kinds of things.

Well, my scrapping minions *insert funny maniacal laughter here* my challenge for September should you accept it is based on adversity. Share something that you've overcome, or are working toward overcoming. Using scrapping as therapy (I do, it's cheaper than a therapist and those pesky copays, even with the purchasing of the products).

Get.A.Grip --- link to the gallery @Moments

I hope that you've found this inspiring enough to come over and join in some challenges!! If this isn't your cup of tea...never fear! We have more choices!!! Hop on over and visit some of the other talented members (as blog Hops are purposed for!). Take some creative hops --- there are some prizes hidden in these here hops! ;)

Scrapping the Moments DT

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pssssst....I know a secret!!

A Big Ol' Hop Is Fixin' To Come This Way!!

Pass it on! :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lazy Lazy Sunday...

and celebrating my lazy lazy butt today....I am linking you elsewhere!!

My BFF Lynn has been a busy little someone (I am having a vision of the ant and the grasshopper, only because I'm feeling so lazy today .. how amusing)...ANYWAY --


She has some great information -for those who travel. it is EXCELLENT info for those who DO NOT (ahem, me) because you can live vicariously through her descriptions and amazing photos ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Sketchy Feelin'....

well, thanks to the awesome chickies at SketchyThursdays blog! :)

My contribution to their sketch from last week - some fave random photos!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot...

It's a scorcher for sure. I, for one, am not going out in the burning-sun-which-hates-me-a-lot. Sooooo....what's an April to do? The best-ever-Steve left a little bit ago and the chickens of mine return this evening. What am I to do? I'll share some layouts from this week...and then I think I'll scrap some more ;)

TheMoments .... loads of challenges and game nights to inspire and light the scrappin fire under your booty to get your creativity flowin ;)
"perspective" I uploaded without the journaling (because ... I am duh sometimes LOL) that was for a sketch chllenge :)

"My mom says I'm awesome. Therefore it's true"....LOVE THAT PAPER -- this was done for another challenge. . a lift of the talented Diana ;)

Yet another lift challenge - to lift our fearless leader Pat ;) THis little 8x8 has tons of stuff...glitter stamped stars (on the lower left, which did NOT scan all that well), misting, white mist made with paint/water in a MiniMister -awesome). The banner is also stamped (used for the half-circle) and I used flocking powder for some further texture :)

And so goes another week!! More posts of more layouts, hopefully I'll be able to crank out something creative today as well :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

When is a challenge...not a challenge?

Pfft....challenges are challenges April, DUH - they just don't feel difficult when you LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE what you're doing and your mojo likes it too!! PLAY TIME!

@TheMoments New challenges are posted the 1st and 15th. This month's challenges are ROCKIN! My mojo apparently likes and appreciate all of them...
The COLOR challenge (a la Pat in charge) is the 2Bs...bren and boomer...the challenge called for Tan/Beige, red and blue...

THIS little Amelia is a part of Jess's ONE LITTLE WORD challenge for the month *BE* this baby's face!! :)

COME AND JOIN IN THE FUN -- And so concludes another majorly successful and highly entertaining MANIC MONDAY on TheMoments....the drive you need to get some challenges DONE!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Journaling Challenge #5

Your challenge for August's Journaling Challenge (#5) @ TheMoments, should you choose to accept it is as follows:

This month, we are capturing "favorites" with journaling. Your faves or the favorites of your loved ones. This could be a favorite TV show, favorite song, favorite movie, favorite person, (for those working on 'me' albums, also very important!)

I chose to journal about my kids' favorite sleepy-time pals -I guess now technically members of the family. Capture some memories that will give "awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I remember that" moments years from now!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Lazy day...

Me and the boyfriend just watching the clouds roll on by...
We had some wicked thunderstorms last night.

When they were over, these were up in the sky...

He told me "doesn't that look like Heaven is sneaking a peek?"

Which is odd, because I always tell the kids when you can see sunbeams streaming through and around clouds like this that it's your loved ones in Heaven saying hello...

*love* us together! We are adorable!

The last one - the clouds were actually blue. ULTRA cool.

The BF had such a good artsy eye for things yesterday - I just snapped the pics ;)

Love love love the lazy days!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Celebrating *new*

I am not having babies. None of my friends are having babies. No neighbors with babies. But I have friends who have family members who have had babies!!! What's a girl to do? Snag photos and scrap them of course! don't be silly...of course. And the best thing about it is, I don't have to listen to some little someone waking me up every 2 or so hours "just because"...MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA

This is for two different things over at TheMoments. We rally around and inspire each other a few times during the week - just for a little something to do to get the mojo working a bit. (or is it aggravate? or antagonize? well it is with Me and Lynn @each other on Mondays anyway *shrug*). One was a patterned paper challenge - use 3dots; 1 floral; 1 stripe - by Barb. The other was for the thursday scrap rally - by Diana who actually used one of my LOs (the circle/grid of my sister and I that I posted up on this ol blog last night) and another more square grid.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....this LO was done in the spirit of all of these things. Why do I say in the spirit? basically it's because my "artistic interpretations" are sometimes .... very liberal interpretations *snort*

Here would be one of Lynn's newest additions... baby *A* (totally diggin' the initial. BEST.LETTER.EVER).



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Challenge anyone?

More challenges @ The Moments!! The 1st and 15th of the month uploads some great challenges to get your mojo to nag at ya just a bit!

I generally like to do them one at a time --- or better to say one layout at a time --- however, it's a struggle to do this. I want to scrap-multitask and put two or more challenges together and still have it be "mine" Mental issue more than likely (haha)

My contribution for Cindy's die-cut challenge which was for a layered die cut as well as a die-cut not a square or rectangle...AND for the scraplift challenge which was from Pam's grid-like my artistic interpretation of this was for the die-cuts by JillibeanSoup (love love in love with them) and used them like a grid of a sort...artistic interpretations are done rather by the seat of your pants and I actually think this has a bit of a LO from a magazine involved somewhere along the line (guessing, I'd have to say it was SB etc mag from August2011, I will search and edit this info later if I find it LOL)

My contribution to the Heritage Challenge a-la-Lynn -- use a heritage photo with "modern" papers/design ;) and YESSSSSSSSSS this is the photo I posted last week or so from the grandparent's wedding/honeymoon scrapbook...many more to come from that one ! :)

And this --- which was one from the 1st of the month with *Jess* --- OneLittleWord: Summer. I used a LO that was basically already done - but was without picture or words...that was from another challenge (name escaping me ... because I'm special like that). The Admission tickets are ours from the drive-in that we went to, the ones on the right pull out for journaling.

NOW, I shall be bossy----

Go do something artistic...I swear you'll feel better if you do ;)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A page taken out of context...

...or taken out of someone else's scrapbook!

I am super excited about quite a few things and I am sooooooo excited that I'm going to put them in bullet format for emphasis of each reason I'm soooooooo excited (deal with me, alright?? it is what it is):

  • I have in my possession, an album that is vintage. Vintage album - pictures - subjects in pictures.

  • Including snapshots of relatives' lives from so long ago, arranged in the scrapping "style" of that era, written in their hand, documenting the who/what/when/where for most of the photos involved (fellow scrappers are you holding your breath with giddy anticipation???)

  • It is proving to me just a little about what "acid free" actually hypes (but that gets me off course a little). Of course, on that same line, it reiterates that LESS REALLY CAN BE this is a treasure for sure. (try to remind myself of this the next time I freak out about HAVING to have something new blahblahblah). Alright already (soapbox time done)

  • SUPER EXCITED BECAUSE: it's my grandparent's (dad's parents) WEDDING/HONEYMOON SCRAPBOOK.

  • yep.



Okay. *breathe now*

I have SO MANY project ideas in my head. Most importantly, I am not going to deconstruct this book in any fashion. I like the fact that the book is tattered and red, with plastic "spirals" on the sides which are mostly broken. I like the fact that it has (in "vintage-y" looking writing on the cover) "PHOTOGRAPH album". I like the fact that all of the pages? BLACK paper. Silver photocorners. B&W pics, mostly squares, but different sizes as well. and written in my own relative's handwriting, the who/what/when/where. The stuff that really matters.

My heart is absolutely singing. My mojo is kicking me in the shoulder blades (though that's probably partially due to tendonitis and the most recent flare of the stupidTriggerPoint near my right shoulder blade). I HAVE SUCH AN AWESOME GIFT HERE...I can't wait to celebrate it and make something "my own" from the contents.

Nope, not the ACTUAL contents because that is all staying EXACTLY how it is - broken binding and all, it is absolutely, positively, without a doubt perfect EXACTLY how it is. Promise.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A little of this...a little of that....


Hanging out with the chicks @ TheMoments ...ALWAYS a good time. There was an all-day-crop this past saturday - prizes and challenges galore!

#1: LYNN scrapjacked my challenge (as I was out of town) and we came up with "our" challenge to scrap 6x12 and use ice cream colors :)
#2: THIS challenge was to use "ice cream colors"....MINT CHOC CHIP! :)

#3: Diana's challenge was a MAZE BOOK, awesome video tutoral she did - was amazing :)

#4: This was from Pat's sketch challenge. The original used to have two photos, mine got all different and stuff (LOL)

I hadnt posted in a while - not for lack of trying blogger hates me I've been having an issue with posts being completely obliterated.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

To all fathers everywhere - Happy Father's Day :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Into the Way Back machine...

I decided to go in the way-back photo time stacks. Well some are WAY back and some are just ... back LOL

The trip through photo heaven was brought on by the challenge by Lynn @ The Moments. The Heritage challenge to scrap a people-less photo and yakkityyak (aka journal) about the thoughts/memories/feelings it brings. This is my contribution:

Now, this was NOT my original pick for this challenge. this was not the photo I wanted to use. Why did I use it? Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllll...because the picture that was NOT able to be found ... I found the day after the layout. And so it goes...

HOWEVER, things actually did work out as they should have. In my quest for "that" photo, I managed to find many many of them to scan, share on facebook....and best of all TO SCRAP in my future projects. Gotta get busy busy busy LOL

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stalking nature with the camera...

Can be a relaxing thing.
Of course, it can also be an extremely irritating thing.
This episode, however, was pretty cool if I do say so myself!

My fluttery little friend, VERY stalkable. PLayed with me. seriously. Sat still and let me take pics on the back of the chair. Fluttered, landed, fluttered, landed. Multiple times. MIND games I tell you. This fluttery thing...landed on my head multiple times and then decided to land ON MY VIEWFINDER. Hey, THAT would have been an awesome picture - had someone actually been stalking the stalker and caught it. You'll just have to take my word for it. It HAPPENED and it was funny...hilarious in fact. Seriously. No lie. Why would I lie to you??

When you see this shot - do you see the same happy green heart that I did???

ONe of my new faves is to take pics of random stuff that looks like letters. You know, branches, gate locks, oddly shaped rocks....or wooden pallets stacked at just the right AAAAAAAngle?? (hahahaha - I know, I crack me up too - but I did get the *A*!!). I am wildly in search of the letter *S* which has escaped me once again.

Tell me you see either a cursive capital *E* kind of sideways-ish.....or a cursive *W*....

Okay - depending on perspective on this one --- the 3 holes can make an *L*....the two on the left of the tree can make a *B*...or just one hole for an *o*...allll about perspective!

(drum roll please) and the letter *A*!! :) blurrier than I'd like, but this ain't goin' anywhere any time soon ;)

Any scrapping this weekend? Nope. I DID, however, sketch a little - and my sketchbook is Bizarre (with a capital B because ... wow I shock me sometimes with weirdness). I'll share some of this later on this week.

Oh! Come to think of it, I did a scrap page on friday -- a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants lifts of Diana over on theMoments --- I was a bad player and neglected to play in her scrap game on thursday - then come to find out it was of one of MY layouts (ack!!). I did this as a peace offering of a sort - of one of her layouts, which I believe was to be lifted in May as a challenge. I used plain white CS, Ranger alcohol inks (in mister spray bottles!), watercolor paint, K&Co fabric, machine sewing, Thickers, yarn Recollections flowers (thanks LynniePoo) SO much fun and FABULOUS to have this LO outta my head (room for more hahhaha). My little G-force chicken as a 9 month old practicing her wave (I have to say that I called this the "george washington" picture forever because of the bonnet hahahahaha. sorry.) The 2 pieces were made by my Great Grandmother (thusly her Great-Great Grandmother), and were originally made for chicken-B when he was born. Looked to fru-fru for a boy, so I saved...then used wisely :)

SPEAKING OF CHALLENGES -- if you are in need of a place to participate in challenges, or even to have one of your own monthly?? you are welcome to come over to the Moments - as their DT is looking for a couple of DT members !! It's a BLAST!! :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dear Blogger. This is not hate mail...I swear...

I am trying to sign in to add a wonderful blogger to my "follow" list. Can I do it? no. Is it me? Probably. However, in the spirit of my day (trying to get the house straight with 2 kids that want to blame everything under the roof on someone else -- 'cause they're creative like that)...I'm blaming blogger. I can post something new and be signed in -- but I can't add a new blog to my "I really LIKEY AND WANT TO VISIT AGAIN PLEASE AND THANK YOU" list.

I'm frustrated. My head hurts. I'm now putting myself into a time-out and taking a friggin nap.

When I am finished with this project (hahaha hard work I knoooow)...I want to post some photos here that I took on saturday...and add a hilarious blogger to my list. okay? okay. Plan.

Love you blogger...really. Peace out for naptime. ;)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

everyone say it together....AWWWWWWWWWWW

Aren't we absolutely adorable??? I think so *swoon*

Me and S-Man on Christmas Day 2010. This was done for a "scrap that tune" challenge over at TheMoments ---- check it out! The song was "Smile" by UncleKracker - suuuuper cute song :)

For this layout I used SPACKLING COMPOUND again ...ooooo love the texture and funkiness of it. Used Glimmer Mist, Mister Huey's Mist and the flower embelishments were made from watercolor paper, hand-drawn and watercolor painted with some glitter added for zesty bling ;) This is one of my fave layouts - the colors - the funkiness - love love love (that too)

Have you done anything cool and unusual lately? ? :)

Do tell!

Monday, May 23, 2011

and who knew that this stuff fixes more than just drywall????

SPACKLING compound. used it on a layout. YES.I.DID. I needed texture. .. it was an obsession...a scraplift of the "Summer Evening" layout by Kathie Link on pg 39 Spring 2011 Somerset Memories. Since I picked up this wonderful edition (which I have marked tons of pages in with mini post-its and scribbled notes/ideas for)...I have been obsessively drooling over this layout. I even had the perfect pictures in mind, because I remembered the photos of my mom and Brendan from 2000 (summer) and knew I wanted to do SOMETHING with them, just didn't have the right ever (as they are coming up on 11 year old photos afterall) So the original artist - her supply list had "texture paste" for the stuff she used. Do I know what that is?? Ummmm...not really....but my brain's hamster wheel was whirlin' (ahhaahahahahaha...i can hear the squeak*)

Anyway - this was a SUPER simple LO to do, but the spacking compound???? seriously??? I actually didn't know it was going to turn out so AWESOME. The spackle that I had on hand had dried a bit, but I kept adding water little drops at a time and mixing and then - BAM!!! *sigh*

I did get a bit crazy with the misting (as usual) I tried to keep myself orderly, I used masking tape to make the hard lines, but didn't mask off the rest of the paper -- but I like mine like it is. A big hot contained mess *just like me*. Can't ever tell me that an artist doesn't put a bit of herself in her work (hahahahahaha)

I'm so using spackling compound me go ;)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bring on the flowers...and the watercolors

Why did I do this? I can't say, other than because I wanted to :) I used dry brush with acrylics for the background and watercolors for all other color - Reminisce gel pens for the outline. The book paper is from the same book I used for my first flower wreath (which is at S-man's right now with the two birdies).