Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A3C #18...with a router issue! yay!!

Last night my router kept going uppppp and dowwwwn...I finally got tired of messing with it, then realized WOW -I didn't post my own challenge. Grrrr. Yesterday was (mostly) packed full of goodness. I did a new project with buttons wooohoooo...A3C entry...and also kept the chickens entertained (lovin' spring break and me having time off) and took them to the beach. OOOOOOOOOO....and I also took a frame that was "natural" wood and spraypainted it a classic black ;) Gotta love free goodness transformed! The frame I did not take a photo of, as it was still rather tacky feeling and I had to make myself stop touching it. (shocking I know).

Button Goodness BEFORE...or during...I made a MESSSSSS!!

I used GlueDots to hold em all down....I mounted it directly on a white textured mat board that I had, and used a black mat around it as well. SO happy with how this turned out!

you wanna touch the buttons don't you...I know you do...

THIS little thing ... it was a journal someone had given to me years ago, I had written in roughly 6 pages of it back then and then left it alone. well, I decided to give it a bit of a "face lift" with BoBunny papers and a little charm fashioned from buttons and a tag that I snagged off of one of my boy-chicken's shorts ... or shoes...that my little "A" typewriter sticker fit in PERFECTLY. Meant to be! so there -- when you snag little things and think "oh I'll use it for something" -- here's an example (you know, for when people look at you like HUH??)

Thanks for reading along with this -- and today gets to be the day of two posts! Until later - have a great Tuesday (as great as Tuesday is allowed by universal law to be anyway).

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  1. lol! it was an up/down router day yesterday. you really need to do my journal. sigh. i love your funky and fun pages and projects.