Thursday, October 21, 2010


I just wanted to put this comment out there.
If I have to buy a car at any point soon, I will have a nervous breakdown.
Straightjacket included.
That is all.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Allie I love thee...

Oh it's late and I ran out of the mountain of words I was going to post here. However, I can state that Allie B and her hilarious tales of angst and woe, which also have demented illustrations (which are NEEDED...REALLY), is my hero right now. I have just laughed...and laughed...and snorted...and tried to be quiet less I wake up all monsters and animals in the house...and had tears rolling down my face...WHEW.

I have been feeling rather...blah. I needed this -NOW.

So, for alleviating a bit of the sadness that wants to compress all of my productive, creative, zest-for-being-me, I give a sincere, THANK YOU.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Okay.So this is really self-pity, shameful irritation-hiding, and deflecting of feelings...


Can't scrap...

So I did this picture. Kind of an April Self-Portrait for the day. This day ...UGH. glad it's nearly done is all I have to say!! >:(

Thursday, May 20, 2010

and then today happened.

I am refusing to admit to anything that went on in this day....nope....

However, an empty blog is really not as spectacularly experienced as a blog with a few snarky comments or strategically placed photos.

However, since I am mighty fine with snarky in ny form needed - I drew some pictures to capture the day perfectly.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh because I CAN do these things...

I will!! :)

I have recently been re-introduced to scrapbooking, which I do love, honestly.

However, to amuse myself in the way that only I can do for myself, I have been dabbling in MS Paint. Archaic you say? NO F*N' WAY! I say!

I have been reading . It is friggin HILARIOUS. I am trying to make it to the "end", which I guess is actually the beginning...but I will try hard not to think of that right now or I'll be up for another friggin hour. Allie B -- she rocks. Her drawings have caused my "AHA!" moment with MS Paint and thusly, I have been making ridiculously crudely drawn scribbly-like drawings.


  1. Because they make me laugh.

  2. Because they waste time in a totally awesomely entertaining way.

  3. Because a lot of the time, they could probably be saving a life. Writing about stupid crap that takes up a great portion of some of my days, or drawing ugly drawn pictures?? it's a bonus. Not only do I get to purge myself of the stupid irritating nature of most of my days (dealing with idiots, it is not for the weak), but I also get to AMUSE myself (and others? maybe, but that doesn't even seem as important as ME laughing)

  4. Cause April Said So... (it's the friggin title afterall, I really don't need to add anything else)

This post? I made a blue dragon. THe ugliest drawing of a dragon, blue or otherwise, that I have ever seen. I call it "Dragon1" .. why?? Because I like dragons. I want to have one. I think flying on a dragon would get me to work SOO much quicker!! Not to mention, if anyone did get in my way, my dragon could either eat them, or set them ablaze. I want a dragon. I sometimes FEEL like a dragon. I am still very jealous of the fact that they can shoot fire .... I wanna do that when I grow up!

Celebrate DRAGON DAY - with *Dragon1*

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Oh it's been a looooooong time!! Lynn...this is for you. Not a lot of detail. Not a lot of bling. However, I gave myself a hard time with this because, well, because it's what I do. 8.5x11 two-pager. Ain't nothin simple. *snort*

Thursday, April 29, 2010


That will be the title of a scrap page. It will not be "haha" funny. It will be "haha" in the "haha, karma bit you where the sun don't hit you, you deserved it and you know it and you suck as a reliable human being" kind of Haha. But I digress...

Today was the closure (for the most part) of a chapter in my life. I'm flippin the page...

This action will surely bring my lovely scrapbooking self to the surface...surely it has to!

Friday, March 12, 2010


For nearly 2 years i have been waiting for that feeling...the one that makes me grab the camera and take with the camera just 'cause I can. To dig through pictures that I have in my "photo files" *read: boxes* and pick one at random and tell a story. I think that I've finally reached the point of WANTING to do this. I am almost giddy with excitement! and sorry for everyone that has to spend time with me this weekend (what with all the flashes going off in their faces HA).
I will take pictures. I will take pictures. AND EVERYONE WILL LIKE IT!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

THIS my dear friend Lynn, is for you. You wanted a blog from me, well here it is. It has been sooooo entirely toooooo long since I've done anything of this nature, I almost had a tremendous panic attack before beginning, but managed to pull it together for a short time and struggle through.

No scrapping for a roughly estimated time block of ... 2 years. WOW. The "much anticipated" creation of - well ANYTHING from me - is now viewable. Two things which I am calling LAYOUTS because, well, they are to me! #1 If wishes were fishes is from Monday and #2 Just something from Tuesday. And WOW - #1 actually included a photo (say it isnt so!).

Enjoy -I had fun- will continue with that feeling! ;)