Monday, February 28, 2011

I guess you can call this stuff "old"


Preparing for Lynn and my nightly scrapMania...I almost mania'ed myself into an aneurysm.

Went into the closet looking in a box (for patterned paper) ended up finding all of my cropper hopper things FULL of papers. Massive amounts of old DT stuffs (two diff sites and 10 packages (at least) from one alone...OMG.The>STUFFFFFFF.

SO was on the edge of having a breakdown of a sort anyway. THEN. Found a 6" stack of layouts that were FINISHED and not in protectors. and not in albums. I have no words for my facial expression at that point.
SOOOOOO I've spent the last ... hour or so...finding protectors...sticking most of those LOs in (well the 8x11 and the 6x12 anyway because I didn't even want to BEGIN with the 12x12). Have only brought ONE container of paper down to the current scrap area - because that can overwhelm a person in a second. That way, when I go through the thing after dinner, I will be able to create with it. Not curl up in the corner rocking back and forth and pulling out my hair murmuring something about "buried alive under papers...can't choose can't choose" ((my imagination gets really descriptive sometimes)).
Aren't these COOL THOUGH???? these were just a few of my faves (changed computers since I've done these and alllllll the other scanned versions of these are ... wherever they are till I retrieve them!).
SCRAP MANIA MONDAY is gonna be awesome!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grandma mini-coaster album

I wanted SOOOOO badly to ink ink ink....gram is not really a big fan of it *gasp*. She likes clean lines. I inherited some craftiness from her, but obviously this ink deficiency is a gene from a different pool LOL

She misses the kids - she's got five great grandkids in all - I like to do things like this for her every so often. She can't hang frames on the wall, and obviously (by missing a whole box of photos now in my posession) she has no room for those either. A minialbum I can sneak in ;)

Products....Outback Steakhouse coasters (their fault); oversized playing card 5 of hearts; definition sticker; misc lace (actually got that from her a few years ago!); Li'l Davis bookplate; MM brads; misc metal heart; GlueDots; PP DreamStreet (love this); Colorbok transparencies (front and back); and MM typeset stickers Mini.

SO MUCH FUN!! ANd super quick -only because all of the photos are from the same night and were all printed together anyway hahaha - with exception of the beach pic at the end. I like to remind people where we are ;) jealousy is a good tool to help with memory problems!!

it was chaotic...and OH so much fun!

My buddy lynn and I by accident (didnt-mean-to-but-did-kinda-do-it-anyway) hijacked a thread at for our own selfish means of scrapping together and challenging each other to do our own twisted versions of a "scrap game".

Challenge #1 was inspired by a simple 4-leaf clover that I found floating around my the odds-n-ends bin (yes seriously). USE GREEN.

I ended up with "lucky" Gracie. She is lucky. She has used her "cute" to get her out of messes all through time...she's charming and for the most part (until like ...3rd grade this year) has always been compliant, happy, go-with-the-flow. Her teenage years are going to murder me slowly.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Challenge *me* will you?!?

Haha. An impromptu challenge from for a layout where the picture says it all, thus the layout needs no title. Nailed it *snort*

CS unknown; KI striped paper (I will be devastated when it' s all gone), MM noteworthy journaling dohickey (yes it's a word), 7g stamp, MM brads, some other brad, Queen&Co pearl thingies which I love; MM fabric tape and measuring tape as well.

Challenge DONE! in about 20 minutes 'cause I rock da house like that ;)

More later - I've got a canvas that is begging to be uploaded...when I decide whether it's actually finished or not! LOL

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wait just a minute!! WHAT IS THAT???

YES!!!! I'm now on a roll! and I LOVE it!!!

A "blast from the past" layout - courtesy of a box of pictures (huge huge box) that came from my grandma's house. Pics that I had originally sent to her, but now can bless my pages and I don't need to make copies of my own for scrapping purposes. Sad that Gram can't surround herself with all of the pictures she loves (who has that kind of room????)

Anyway - this is *smoooooches* Brendan and his pal Boomer :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


As I told you yesterday about my obscene amount of *A* letters in lots of shapes and sizes that are all over...I made an *L* for you!!!!

I'm more excited about it than you are right now...I know it.

This had to have it could go with your scrappy space :)

paint, paper, flowers, ribbon, twine, Queen&Co pearls, ki alphabet soup "spicy taco", and gel medium.....oh my LOL

OBVIOUSLY the box of fun that I sent to you will NOT contain this fun piece -- but you'll have a blast with the box anyway!

Ah...scrappy fun!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday...I am not a slug.

I am not a slug. I just felt like telling that tidbit of VERY important info right from the start.

I worked my 7 hr shift...made 7 hours because of little miss GracieCitizenOfTheMonth's ceremony this morning. Then, tonight was studio night. I shared a bit of myself with a couple of families...saw some adorable babies that didn't cry at my face, or my voice which is still going kind of raspy when it darned well feels like it.

With all of that garbage laid out before me...I didn't have time to create diddly-doo otherwise. NOT be disappointed!! You will see my altered art today :) THis is a G that I got for miss GracieDoWellPants it had a metal hook already attached, but it was all white, and I felt that it needed something >:) This is what it got. I have an A for myself, dunno if I've got to give that a little something as well or not MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Just noticed the pic looks's actually on a wood table, however, the wood table is covered by a cut resistant mat thing that I scrap on (my desk? unprotected usually...the table?? not such a good plan to leave that uncovered!) :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

6x12 is my fave :)

This is my fave ultimate FAVE pic of bren as a baby (seriously...guess I'm a chronological scrapper....uh, NOT! lol)

I have been having the best time playing with my scrapbook supplies. Having ink and paint on my hands (and my clothes, and get the point). Inspiration flowing...gotta love this!!

I am enjoying catching up with my tag-team-partner Lynn...projects flowing from both of us lately and it's spectacular!

Monday, February 21, 2011

And on today's agenda....

A CHALLENGE YOU SAY???? Thanks to Lynn, I had somewhere to go with some creativity today! :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

PROJECTS projects Everywhere...

and INK all over my hands ;) LOVE IT!
My very first altered canvas project. I wanna know something though (kind of throwing myself a curve ball right at the start of the post...nice)...WHY is it called an ALTERED canvas?? Essentially EVERY canvas is altered from its original blank state if it is painted on or sketched why the word altered??? Okayyyy...nevermind. TO THE PICTURES batman!

The canvas was teeeeeeny -- only 2.5 x 2.5 (not the one in the photo) --- I wanted to start small just in case it turned out hideously (seriously, there is always the slight possibility of gross-happenings).

I used acrylic paints, alcohol inks and glimmer mist (chalkboard). I had gotten some clear stamps, used Tim Holtz ink for those. old Maisy Mo white rubons are tossed in there as well. Dictionary page clippings --- definition for LIKE. THEN - this is the most awesome part of it that had me excited and jazzed for DAYS - image transfer done with gel medium and a photocopied picture (printed "mirror image" so that the pic would turn "right side" when tranferred). That was the most awesome thing I've done in a while!! It turned out WAYYYY more cool than even I thought it would! I'll like out the site I found the directions for it...I don't have it right now lol

When all was said and done, gel medium put over top of it, placed on the black easel, ribbon with some charms on the ends and....I love it!!

This is where it will sit for now :) better pics in the daytime!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

and with a happy Heart...

I thought I would take this opportunity to announce ...

A Good Day.

I had one. It's not very often that I can look on a whole day and say, "wow, that was a good day" and have it encompass the WHOLE day. This one fits that description. I like it. I am a fan. I want more of these.

My man visiting. Had breakfast with him and my dad. Then a trip to the mall, back home, made yummmmy potroast in crock pot - toss in all the stuff and forget it :) ... then a NAP!!! My nap lasted FOREVER, which was spectacular.

Then??? when I got up I got a box in the mail from one of my bestests Lynn ( )! It was like a scrap-extravaganza-attack in that box.

Treasures to discover - some of which I am sharing with G-force because she's girly and will love them ;)

My newest "thing" upon entering into the scrapping world again has been canvases. I am working on a TEENY canvas right now - 2.5 x 2.5 - it is turning out SO awesome! I've got a little bit of stuff left to do before I consider it "finished" (and yes, I will post when I'm done, Lynn). I even dug through my stuff and found my ProvoCraft Chizzlet tool -- bought forever ago, packed away, finally brought back out and played with today too.

All in all, this was a really good day. My heart smiles

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Needle? Meet haystack...mix it up people.

Oh bring it on.

What's missing now?
A shoe? no that was tuesday.
Socks? no, that's pretty much every other morning.
Phone? No, no, not that. We have the phones. I have mine. Kids have one too. Their dad bought them phones. Right now, he's paying for service on one that hasn't been on in like 12 days. Why? because that phone belongs to an EIGHT year old that refuses to keep track of her crap. It's dead -- because she can't find the charger. Does any other charger of the 132i3209482348 that we have in our "omg what is this" basket FIT her phone?? Oh hell no. that would be waaay too easy.

SHe balances her life well. Lose the charger for her phone for almost 2 weeks --- and got Citizen Of The Month for her school. Seriously. "...was selected for demonstrating positive character in her homeroom, in the school and for confronting the challenge to use good manners everyday." Really? So to tackle the ramifications of getting Citizen of the month --we can lose a charger that only serves ONE charge the PHONE that we "oh so desperately needed". REALLY????

I think I'm gonna balance this out by doing a couple of things. I'll either have to drink copious amounts of alcohol until this makes sense to me....or I'll color with crayons. It's a coin toss...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Creating and wanting to create...often the two do not meet.

That is where I am stuck today. The WHOLE day long at work...thinking about a project...nearly obsessively thinking about it. Planning in my head, scribbling down notes in my little notebook for such things. Making mental checklists of things I want, things I may want, things I have to do, things NOT to do....and then what happens??


Errands to run. Groceries to get (and I absolutely detest this store time SUCKS...but that is another post entirely). Dinner to cook. Chores to be tended to (and a task master/slave driver to the offspring). Dishes. Laundry? yep. *sigh* SO I'm left with what now??

Oh. I'm left with a mental checklist. A notebook with scribbled notations of the creating that I wanted to do. Pictures/gel medium/transfers/paint/glorious plans in my head for the creating that I want to do...and didn't get to do today.

Life. Gotta love it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I FOUND IT!!!!!!!

I found the ability to scrapbook something. I know, I know, shock and awe. My house still may not be what I want it to be, but my scrappy creative self is having a blast...just sayin!