Saturday, January 26, 2013

This is apparently a lot of *stuff*

A lot of stuff to post at once, so ..... since I haven't scrapped in a long time (a hiatus of a sort I guess?)...I had an epiphany the other day.'s been a long time since I've used a sketch.  Let me see what's out there in sketch land and get on with it, eh?

SO.  This is Sketch one of two that I posted @SNC for TORNADO TUESDAY (as Manic Monday was a no-go).  From MyCreativeSketches :   Loved the squares, so many possibilities ... photos, papers...oh my.

and Lil' Princess Pantz (my chicken little @2003)

NEXT:   Sketch two from the same Tornado Tuesday was chosen from SketchSavvy

to which I created the Era of Boomer the wonder Dog:
My final contribution for the blog today, this was done loosely based on Diana's Color Challenge @SNC
is my LO circa 2008, my nieces school pics (aged 5 and 6 respectively).  Which is actually similar to the sketch below (was on a roll with the strips/border punches?)

It's been SO WILD to scrap all of these goodies - particularly the ones of long ago...speaking of which, there was a weekend Blitz @SNC last weekend, posted by Janet.   I actually DID participate and this is the first one that started my roll...

Until later (I have THIRTEEN completed layouts to post...SERIOUSLY???)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When Freezing Happens...

Luckily, the weather wasn't as bad as it could have been.   We had some icing on trees and such, but not the 7 inches of snow some were assuming we'd receive.   SO.  I had to take some pictures. The only thing I wish that "would have been" is that the sun could have come out a little to make these more awesome. ;)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Side by Side - circa 1977

As this story will go - I had this photo on my desk for over a week.   My cousin Heather and I from around 1977 (could be 1978, but I had to stick with one of them there dates, so I picked).   I had decided last week or whenever it was, that the next thing I scrapped would be this photo. 


I should know better by now, to put that kind of limitation on myself.

I was unable to jump past it to something else.   I kept staring at the photo - for over a week - and nada.   I sat at the desk for .... three hours off and on. Hemming and    A bunch of ridiculous noise.   And .... all I had done at that point was to stamp on some cardstock.  THEN on to hour FOUR of sitting there, things started flying together.    Looks a big hot mess of layers, but you know what?? I like it.   AND it's complete - so I can now move on to other items on the scrappy agenda, with the note-to-self of "OMG NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN".      But of course, we all know I will.  I think it's a safe bet that we know each other that well....I'll do it again.


ENOUGH ABOUT on to mini-me ;)

EDITED TO ADD:  (I have no idea where the paragraph went that was after the photos, so I could give credit where inspiration was found --- so I'm making up for it and adding it in now - apologies for my oversight).  In my defense, it was there, I typed it, I posted and it's not there.  As if that's never happened to me before. *ahem*

Inspiration can be found at Ashli's Place ... thanks for the swirly ideas with the twine, as well as the reminder for my love of confetti.   WHY did I ever stop gluing that stuff on at random??  ;)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SnowScrap x2???

SNOW PICTURE SCRAP-A-THON!!  or at least that's what it feels like.  Scrapping drought is over for the moment and I have LO x2 to upload - WOOHOO

The first comes in under Lynn's  Madcap challenge @SNC with the use of twine *bowing graciously*

 and also included me actually digging out the QK squeeze and making vellum snowflakes! *gasp/faint/thud* i know.
 The second was done based on Diana's Sketch challenge @SNC for January - with an alternative "April Twist" if you will.  (of course)
 Love the rubons. and the Stickles.  OH.MY. and brads?   finally stash moving!

Until next time my minions...muhahahhahahaha

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

13 Intentions

I got to thinking last night (gasp, I know) after I uploaded my journaling challenge. 
so this morning I decided that journaling challenge #2 would be my ATC challenge.    Women are so fickle.    Apparently, my scrapping motivations and mojo have all left me at the same time.  I look at my all over...and just wait.  and wait.   and wait some more.

but THIS - this was just a LIST.  I could do this, right?

I sprayed mist, blotted, sprayed more mist with masking, slapped about some washi tape and some acrylic paint...and applied my list ;)    Simple, and a starting point.   I don't know what the deal has been with my scrap-inability lately, but it's GOT TO STOP, er, start?

I leave you with this for this morning and hopefully I'll be able to do more (???)

Monday, January 7, 2013

January Challenge 2013 - BOOM

CHALLENGE TIME!!!    Two choices were given for the Journaling challenge this month:

1.  Scrap your cards.   This is from the Ali Edwards project of years gone by -- using a square punch and making art from your cards (grid style for me is always fun fun fun).   Front decor from the cards as well as the SIGNATURES.   When the people are no longer with us, the handwriting brings forth the feelings *insert contented sigh*.   HOWEVER, April didn't get many cards because she didn't send out her new address to family  for whatever reason. I've got ideas for the ones I did get, BUT -

I did scrap the Thank You card that I made and had the kids sign and write a note on the back to all of the relatives that remembered all four of them this year.   (and the journaling is a bit more on the touchy-feely side for me and I totally made myself okay with that because, well, I was feeling it afterall and isnt that what the scrapping thing captures??)

2.   Last year I did a listing of "12" for 2012.    This year, the challenge would be 13INTENTIONS for 2013 (I have always liked the thought of intentions rather than resolutions).  and I actually may write my 13 Intentions on my ATC for the ATC card challenge (BECAUSE I HAVENT DONE IT YET).

HERE is the Thank You card LO for "&God bless us every one"