Monday, July 30, 2012

Clearly, some people grow potatoes in the ear canals...

And then at the same time, I guess I could now refer to "him" as MrPotatoHead.   Which of course, sets my mind on overdrive of ..... How to harvest ??  I guess I never really thought about it?   Maybe a call to RotoRooter...or something.   or a big ol' combine machine?  or an old fashioned shovel?   Nevermind. My ADHD is even getting on MY nerves today.  Better than the anxiety quota which seems to have been met.  But I digress, let me get to my original point.

My newest Facebook status:   
                              Let's try  " I Knew This Shit Was Gonna Happen" for $500 please.                   

Why, whoever could this be in reference to?? *insert blank staring smiley here*
Was I in the same court room as this person??  Did we hear the same words??  Did we come to create concrete, conclusive statements that were mutually agreed upon in a court-of-law?   Well, I know that where *I* was that day, these things happened.   Things were agreed upon - they were 'okayed' - they were written up as such.

So, now, what the hell makes these things INVISIBLE???   "oh, well, I don't have that in writing yet."   Oh effin' really? SERIOUSLY?????? Oh, because you don't KNOW what was said that day?? these "papers" that you're waiting for -- they are going to say something DIFFERENT THAN WHAT WE HEARD THAT DAY?   They will have different instructions?   Different guidelines? Different INFORMATION????

No. they're not different. They will have the same fucking information that we both heard and agreed upon.   They will. I know they will.  AND, you KNOW THEY WILL TOO.  You KNOW that I'm right and that is what makes you even more batshitcrazy.

You're welcome.
Rant done.
Evil purged.

You're welcome, again.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Congrats - socially Awkward much?

Thanks to social networks (ie Facebook), people can stay in touch, find each other after a long period of incommunicado, meet new friends...etc.    I get this.  I participate in it.  I found many people from childhood or even high school time frame that I otherwise may not have had contact with.  I like an extent.

Now, enter the psychological condition of social anxiety.  As in, I want to run screaming and hide and not be found...only if you run from social gatherings, people tend to notice (point, giggle, laugh and snort, or, you know, whatever).

So, I had my "2nd-April-Is-Moving-So-We-Gather" thing last night.  I was finally nagged enough by a friend to make an "event" on Facebook for this.  When did I make it?  Yep...lots of notice (haha), SO VERY MUCH notice --- I made the event the night before.  *insert WTF face here*   Then, to finish it off like a layer of fluffy whipped topping, I didn't figure out until an hour before I was supposed to be leaving the house, that technology had been elusive to me once again ----and I had only invited 7 people (including MYSELF).   Freudian slip?? 

Fast forward a little...
I get there, and can't walk in by myself. (yes, seriously)
I shoot a text to a friend (same one that nagged for the event to be publicly named).
Then I proceed to wait outside until aforementioned friend arrives...13minutes later.
Are you shaking your head at me yet?   (Well, *I* am shaking my head at me as I type this, and I already knew)

In the end, YES I ended up having a good time.  And due to the due-diligence of my "planning" I had four friends show. I am very glad that they did - so very glad.  It was nice to know, that even through my own jacked-up-to-the-very-much-degree planning (or Freudian LACK thereof)...that I have people that know me well enough to have shown up anyway.

And through conversation, it was said that with a "new last name" like mine - I should live in a castle.   So, my newest drama to unfold -- WHERE IS MY CROWN, STEVE??

Friday, July 27, 2012

Week-Before-Going-Away Party...

Coworker gathering @ the Mexican restaurant.  Hilarity ensued.  and for once, I wasn't the only one and I wasn't getting that boss-look in my direction.   Gotta love it when times change, eh?

Balloons, yummy sweet tea, cake, lots of laughs and jokes and silliness.  And kids were welcome to this one, which was awesome (this according to my two chickens in attendance).  There are definitely things that I will miss - people and opportunities.  Moving on to different things, just another few steps in a different direction.

This was brought up at the gathering - by ChickenLittle (as if I expected any different from her regarding brother dearest)...
CL:  My brother put a note on a car at the beach that parked behind my Aunt's van.  The person parked too close to the back of her van and she couldn't open the back door. *pause*  He wrote, "bumper humper" on it and put it on the person's car.
Everyone:  laughing of course
Me:  *blank stare* uhhhh...
Boy:   HEY - that's not ALL it wasn't really a BAD note.
Me:  *blank stare accompanied by an internal wish to be elsewhere*

General synopsis -  No, we can't tell that they're your similarities at all *laughter and cackling erupts*  I'm thinking that was probably sarcasm...right?  Probably.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Got the families...check
Got the love...check
Got the ceremony..check.
Got the kids...check.
Got the lawyer bill...??what??

What indeed.   I guess it's just one of the zillion things I'll learn from.   I can pass along the information to whomever asks for advice.  Seriously.  I could write a novel...well, a short story really.   Or maybe make a booklet.  "when you're just being stupid and when you need to run", it's like an advice column, such a helper I am. 
And the really crazy thing?  My situation and custody issues weren't even the worst that I have heard of.  I thought they were bad enough - definitely bad enough for me. And definitely anything that the kids had to be involved with was too much in my mom-opinion.  People can be nasty and people can be evil.   Some for "good" reasons I guess - (I had to come up with a 'for example') --- for example, if someone is doing ugly/evil things, it's totally okay to let them know that it won't continue as long as you are on watch.  I'm okay with that.   I don't, however, agree - nor do I practice - being evil and nasty just to BE evil and nasty.   I believe that there is bad karma associated with that kind of behavior. 

So now that the "worst" is over, we go to the next phase.  Which is the to-be-moving phase.  We will be with the other half of our now blended family.  

It's about time!!  I know that's where my heart has been for a while.  Soon I will be able to say, "Peace at last" and actually be living it.  Me, my man, and our chickens.  And if that gives an idea of the kind of upheaval our lives have been for so long (at least mine and my kids)...the fact that I am overjoyed at the thought of sharing a house and doubling the is my idea of chaotic bliss.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Apparently blog posting in a timely fashion just isn't my thing.   Where have I been?  Well. Lots of things have happened I guess.  A brief synopsis of things...

  6.9.12 Beautiful Day for a wedding at the beach
The blending of families, represented in the sand ceremony
  The Siblings...
 Attack kisses :)
 The family together :)

This post shall stand alone.  I shall add, separate from this update of awesome-ness.