Tuesday, April 5, 2011


This is for today. Leaving the job that I've had for nearly 5 years - first as an only job during a transition, then as a 2nd job to supplement, then as - something else. I did myself proud on the journaling...of course I'm all teary eyed now (go figure). Journaling for me has always been a very therapeutic way for me to deal with emotions, particularly if they are overwhelming or difficult to express. Sooooo...the subject of today is a very emotional one and well, here it is. The typed journaling reads as follows (cause I don't think it's readable LOL): "Today marked my last day at the Picture People studio. I know, I know, it was “only” one (maybe sometimes two) days of the week anyway. I thought that as a tribute, I’d say what the job gave to me…and not in an hourly-wage kind of way….I have learned by close proximity to families, how important photos can actually be. As a photographer, you have a responsibility to put a little of yourself in every portrait that you create, so that the photos have importance to you as well. This job has been something that has fed my soul. I have said this more than one time over the years, and I have meant it each time I’ve said it. I have met some wonderful people as well…coworkers who have become close friends, nearly like family. Also I have developed a closeness with a few of the people that I‘ve met as they were customers. Finding out that one of my “customers“ who I always had a great time with, was actually coming to see me for her appointments and booking a fake appt for the one following -- just so she would have extra time with me -- made me realize that it‘s not just a “customer“ -- but is then a friend, and a good one at that. Just shy of five years…I have literally seen some families grow up, expand, lose some members….seen newborns that are getting ready to go to kindergarten…and I’ve helped to capture moments in time for the families. *I* have done that…it is an awesome AWESOME thought!! Yes, yes I will miss this “job”. More than I ever thought I would. "


  1. i so love the journaling. you do that so well. i can see why you overstayed your time there. and i believe this may have been your creative saving grace when you couldn't scrap.

  2. Oh boy ... this is wonderful April, keep up all the amazing artwork and the journaling is perfect.