Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A3C #27

instead of me feeling "blue" --- I think I feel a bit of "wisteria" today :)
Today I used an acrylic wash technique -- with MakingMemories Wisteria paint mixed with a bit of ModPodge, giving it the ability to cover without completely covering (seeing the thesaurus page through the paint ...loooove it)

Perhaps tomorrow my journal will have more "journaling" stuff in it - but that's what the process is all about. Ms. Gracie helped me today - a self-portrait of her with her bubbles -which she did at her brother's baseball game. ...which she felt was a tortuous activity today overall, but at least the bubbles and the drawing gave her a pause for a while.

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  1. lol! gracie and bubbles. and wash. of course. love it!