Monday, May 30, 2011

Dear Blogger. This is not hate mail...I swear...

I am trying to sign in to add a wonderful blogger to my "follow" list. Can I do it? no. Is it me? Probably. However, in the spirit of my day (trying to get the house straight with 2 kids that want to blame everything under the roof on someone else -- 'cause they're creative like that)...I'm blaming blogger. I can post something new and be signed in -- but I can't add a new blog to my "I really LIKEY AND WANT TO VISIT AGAIN PLEASE AND THANK YOU" list.

I'm frustrated. My head hurts. I'm now putting myself into a time-out and taking a friggin nap.

When I am finished with this project (hahaha hard work I knoooow)...I want to post some photos here that I took on saturday...and add a hilarious blogger to my list. okay? okay. Plan.

Love you blogger...really. Peace out for naptime. ;)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

everyone say it together....AWWWWWWWWWWW

Aren't we absolutely adorable??? I think so *swoon*

Me and S-Man on Christmas Day 2010. This was done for a "scrap that tune" challenge over at TheMoments ---- check it out! The song was "Smile" by UncleKracker - suuuuper cute song :)

For this layout I used SPACKLING COMPOUND again ...ooooo love the texture and funkiness of it. Used Glimmer Mist, Mister Huey's Mist and the flower embelishments were made from watercolor paper, hand-drawn and watercolor painted with some glitter added for zesty bling ;) This is one of my fave layouts - the colors - the funkiness - love love love (that too)

Have you done anything cool and unusual lately? ? :)

Do tell!

Monday, May 23, 2011

and who knew that this stuff fixes more than just drywall????

SPACKLING compound. used it on a layout. YES.I.DID. I needed texture. .. it was an obsession...a scraplift of the "Summer Evening" layout by Kathie Link on pg 39 Spring 2011 Somerset Memories. Since I picked up this wonderful edition (which I have marked tons of pages in with mini post-its and scribbled notes/ideas for)...I have been obsessively drooling over this layout. I even had the perfect pictures in mind, because I remembered the photos of my mom and Brendan from 2000 (summer) and knew I wanted to do SOMETHING with them, just didn't have the right ever (as they are coming up on 11 year old photos afterall) So the original artist - her supply list had "texture paste" for the stuff she used. Do I know what that is?? Ummmm...not really....but my brain's hamster wheel was whirlin' (ahhaahahahahaha...i can hear the squeak*)

Anyway - this was a SUPER simple LO to do, but the spacking compound???? seriously??? I actually didn't know it was going to turn out so AWESOME. The spackle that I had on hand had dried a bit, but I kept adding water little drops at a time and mixing and then - BAM!!! *sigh*

I did get a bit crazy with the misting (as usual) I tried to keep myself orderly, I used masking tape to make the hard lines, but didn't mask off the rest of the paper -- but I like mine like it is. A big hot contained mess *just like me*. Can't ever tell me that an artist doesn't put a bit of herself in her work (hahahahahaha)

I'm so using spackling compound me go ;)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bring on the flowers...and the watercolors

Why did I do this? I can't say, other than because I wanted to :) I used dry brush with acrylics for the background and watercolors for all other color - Reminisce gel pens for the outline. The book paper is from the same book I used for my first flower wreath (which is at S-man's right now with the two birdies).

Friday, May 20, 2011

It was Thursday...soooooooooo

I participated in the cool fun over at SketchyThursdays blog .... I don't participate every week, but this one just poked at me when I saw it :) so here is my take...
ChickenB during the AllStar Game in 2009 - he's so *IN* aggressively focused ;)

I actually got a baseball, painted white acrylic paint over the laces and tried to "stamp" with it...didn't do EXACTLY what I wanted, but I like the distressing of it all....if you ain't dirty by the time you're done playing, then you weren't in the game! (probably a family motto LOL)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Is it Monday....again??

Okay - over at TheMoments the 1st and 15th of the month produces some pretty cool challenges!! I did this one for Lynn's heritage challenge...SO MUCH FUN to finally scrap an old school pic of myself ;) Kindergarten AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW-ness!
THIS one I did because ....I've become addicted to touching watercolors...the actual watercolors as well as the watercolor paper...yummmmmmyness!! cut out my tree and watercolored everything :) And it's Brendan the knight ;)

I've become SO ADDICTED...that I've been doodling on my watercolor paper glad I got that for myself to carry around. I can do the doodles while out and splaaash paint around later - or in this case, paint funky colors on the background and then add the doodles afterward..

Before color...

and After~

And the next day ~ playing around with patterns/shapes/animal prints ;)

I am having soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun with this stuff...makes me happy :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

For mother's day for my mom, I decided that I would make my mom a book page rosette wreath...for hers I added a nest and a bird (shown on her door, no I didn't put it on MINE first, though now that I think about it...hahahahhaa)

Card #1 OUTSIDE: Titled {lazy} and if you can't read the tiny print next to the photo: "and they say the hens don't lay" was hilarious to me.

Card #1: Inside

Card #2: (titled: OnMyNerves) Outside

and Inside:

Now, my (non)marital status being what it is...mother's day has a different twist for me. Actually, that's a ridiculous for a description. Mother's Day was never something that was "respected and revered" overall (marital status not included in the analogy)...if I had to give a percentage to "good" mother's days opposed to "omg what day is it" mother's days - I would have to say it was 10%good to 90% omg. Sad? I'm not sad about it - it just was what it was and it currently is what it is. I'm not saying that the whole day was crap...I'm just saying that I didn't feel very respected or even very LIKED by my offspring today. Yes, they had outside influence to help mold them this way (yes, even today, just like last year, an outside interference UGH).

ANYWAY ---- crap talk aside, my Chicken Little made me a bracelet out of these kinda cool linky plastic things (which I will wear to work tomorrow, and post a pic of tomorrow as well). BUT she also made me a fabulous card with the most HILARIOUS written message inside (I can just feel her adult-self cringing years from now hahaha love it).

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Chicken Little is my chicken with the flare for the dramatic (understated...drastically LOL) Apparently I make her cry, but I am still loved as a favorite lovable mother. Ahhhhhh sweetness :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

RickRack rosette ring...oooooooo...ahhhhhh blog hopping totally made me soooo giddy today. Found rosettes made from rick rack .... omg. TheCraftingChicks. And YES I am totally trying this one...waiting for glue to dry right now!!! :)

Excuse my hands...which suddenly look like they've aged...and the 9 different colors of nail polish - I was trying some out to see what I liked best (liked the one I used 2x a bit better, which would be why it's 9 and not 10 different colors...okay back to the original point...)

This was SUPER easy to do. Turns out that I have no patience for tacky glue to dry...gotta have it done NOW NOW NOW --- so for this (the first project) I actually used glue dots. IMPATIENCE is a trait of mine - sometimes I just have to embrace it and go with it (as I don't really give myself a choice in the matter). The directions for the tutoral I believe said to use a hot glue gun...I really was valuing my fingers a bit though - and didn't want to melt the fingertips because for sure it would have happened on this one. I may use the hot glue on others, but THIS one is perfect just as it is...looove it

Monday, May 2, 2011

The finished product...A3C

This was SUCH an awesome project! All month long playing with all my artistic stuff .... awesome! :)
The cover I made with a white fabric, used green acrylics (with that dry brush again) - and glimmer mist (loads of colors, because I have a serious addiction) and also used that awesome wooden stencil scroll heart as an accent -- after using it as a mask for the mist! charm made of 3 seashells from beach excursion. machine sewing of ribbons, some Making Memories tiny type alphas and a bit of ModPodge and BAM!! Love it !!! Adhered to chipboard (sent to me by Lynn ..thanks again!) after inking the edges of the chipboard with black stazon ink to add defintion/dimension. LOVE the whole grungiocity (it IS a of the whole love love it!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Moments....Journaling Challenge #2!

For the month of merry merry month of May :)

Come play along @ The Moments
New challenges are up!! As a DT member, I present a new journaling challenge the first of every month...have been having a BLAST!
This challenge was to "capture a conversation" which is actually one (of my many) faves to do on my pages, especially with the kids. They say some of the most interesting things at times, bringing forth the most interesting epiphanies! I will post some "old" layouts of mine where I've done this as well, because, well BECAUSE I LIKE TO SHARE >:)

SECONDLY - here is a quick pic of the "inside" front and back covers of chipboard for the A3C journal that I'm trying to finish up --- gotta do the actual front and back covers! LOL@me again.

Maybe I'll get those done before May ends? hahahahahaha that's what I get for doing the thing friggin' backward I suppose! ;)