Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A3C #19 and a frame...oh my!

Took pics of the frame that I spraypainted yesterday (VERY messy sloppy OMG can't believe you're leaving it that way)...and as messy as it is, I like it like this so it's staying.

Also, today's entry for my own challenge that I am patting myself very firmly on my back for participating in....not that much longer, and I've not skipped a day :) VERY big accomplishment! Thanks LYNN for playing along with me as well, even though you beg me to finish your entries daily (knock it off, I like yours so keep it up chickie). CUTE little stamps which were $1 at Michaels (studio G things: color your world/flowers/hearts) and some studio G glitter glue stuff which I managed to get ALL over the place. However, it had a friend with the mist that I also got all over the place HAHAHA. Ahem.

I've also done two layouts today, and BOTH of them are for challenges that I can't even show to anyone yet -- and that's HORRIBLE because I am SO excited about them and want to share!!

I will do some more projects tomorrow and hopefully that will keep my mind off of:

  • the still mildly irritating remnants of the computer virus - oh, like the fact that I'm missing 1.5 years of photos (that's a folder for each month missing, I'm no math genius, but a LOT of stuff is missing according to my approximation).

  • the 2 layouts that I can't post...boohoo

  • to clean my attic or not (hahahahahhahaha not a difficult question LOL)

I promise one thing that is certain! More ramblings tomorrow....I know, I know. How WILL you rest until then?


  1. you have an attic??? lol. love your projects. very cool.

  2. Love the framed buttons!!!