Thursday, April 14, 2011

A3C #14

annnnnnnnnnnnd I missed the cut off of "before midnight"! Couldn't get myself together to post earlier ha!

Okay so this looks a bit chaotic. I am LOVING the mists...really. maybe a bit too much? I don't really care. they make me happpppppy! Stamps for each child that was in my house after work today (yep, my 2, my sister's 3....a blast had by all). It's always interesting to peek into even one of the conversations, but I snipped a piece from a conversation with each of them (priceless) LOL

Due to the fact that I was babysitting, my "to do" list that I normally write in the mornings (it was written in the morning, yes) --- well, it was rather short. "get self together/pack kids' bags/sort something"....hmmm...I'm still in one piece (thus together), kids have clean clothes even though they're not in bags (has to count for something), sort something...ummmm well I think that scrap supplies have to count, and I did sort through some things, so YES!!! my ToDos were all DONE. hahahahahahahahahahaha.

May inspiration visit you and stay a while.

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  1. i love this. the mist rocks and the chaos is so you because alas there is order there.