Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A thought or two (or more?) about *Sometimes*...

I haven't been 'here' since May 2014.  

We will fast-forward through the "where have you beens" and go to this....

I've been around, living.  Sometimes it has felt like "just barely" accomplishing that.  Why? Because crappy things happen.  Life can be so very difficult.  Sometimes the difficult times last a lot longer than it feels is fair.  And sometimes everything changes.  Sometimes that's a good thing.  Sometimes it's not.  Do the good times and bad times even out?  Well, sometimes they do, and sometimes they don't.   

In a lot of ways I feel at a more "even keel" now than I have in a while.   In other ways I feel better.  In other ways I feel worse.  I have faith that all will even out eventually.  It's already a better spot than it was even a year ago.  Some time will go by, and things will change.   Some things better, some things worse.  

What I do now is this, I will keep striving to make the best of what life dumps on me.  I will be thankful for blessings that I receive.  I have become more thankful and appreciative of the good in humankind when I see it.  When you see so much of the bad on a seemingly never-ending loop, it does help you recognize the positive.

Sometimes bad things happen.  Sometimes good things happen.  Sometimes one can be mistaken for another.  Sometimes you learn life's lessons in a way that's harder to accept.  Learn from that.  Appreciate good times when you have them.  Celebrate small things that may not be around forever.  Embrace times that are hard, while striving for survival through them to come out smarter and more aware on the other end.  

I'll be back around again . . . some time ;)

                                           Chicken *G and *B (circa Nov2014)