Tuesday, August 21, 2012

because it's...wait, what day is it again??

I know, I know. I hate not knowing what day it is.  Well, for me, it's "put some stuff away, wait, I wanted to scrap something, oohhhh pretty..."  in other words, it's massive ADD day ;)

This is the result of this morning's ADD episode...

my chickenLittle, Logan and myself ;)    

This was done for Scrap N Chat --- challenge for "Patterned Paper Crazy", using two dots, one heart, one plaid and one "other.  The plaid kicked my butt, so I improvised with a small grid paper , under the photo for the most part anyway (you can see it out of the bottom of the flower).   

Now that THAT is out of the way, I gotta wash the mist/ink off of myself and get back to unpacking, hanging, or whatever it was that I was doing before this occurred ;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The moment (Lynn) has been waiting for ...

First scrap page in forever --- revealed :)
The cousins (with courtesy photo-bomb by Logan), minus Brendan...where was he? with his dad probably.

ANYWAY - I can say it's been a while - I can also say this was painful like birthing kittens through a straw (don't ask)

Until later ;)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Water, anyone?

Chicken Little and I are in our new home. BoyChicken (mini-Rooster/RoosterBoy?) is with his grandparents where he desired to be (school=he liked it there, didn't want to change and who am I to argue with A/B average RoosterBoy?).   I would love to say that I have felt all of the sunshine and rainbows swirling all around me since Saturday.  But if I did say that, I would be a liar-liar and my pants would be aflame.

There are good things, YES!  absolutely! I am not discounting my "good" things by this post.  Having never left my eldest chicken with anyone over 4days at a time, I will admit that I am having a rough time with it.  Rough?  Oh, alright, to be perfectly honest, I hold myself together and then at a random point of the day, tears burst forth like a sprinkler set on high.  I'll be alright - we'll ALL be alright.  The part of being a mother that keeps you in tune with your spawn, is also the same that can drown you in your own saltwater.

I am busying myself with the fusion of two complete households worth of stuff...shoved and crammed into one.  This is gonna get interesting as I theoretically "pee in my spots" - which is to say, spread our junk out in a hopefully visually pleasing manner (and not have a total breakdown in the process). 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pull up a chair because this'll take a minute or two.

Well, a few minutes anyway.   Not too much time, but still too much for "this" in my opinion.
 and you're probably wondering, "what is *this*?"
*this* would be... that old nemesis of mine. 
Too many things going on in a very very small amount of time for the past (and next) couple of days.  So much pressure that I place upon myself at the same time.  it's like a radiator about to explode. I can hardly contain myself.  
But you know what?   I know that the anxiety can lead to other things.  So I like to keep the anxiety monster away. I calmed the beast within myself today...just enough. Just enough to remain contained. Hopefully I'll have the same amount of strength or more, the next time I need it. Because there's still more left to get done, I'm not finished, and I know I'll be teetering on the edge again. 
The fear comes from the possibility of giving in to the anxiety - letting myself spiral in the tornado-like feelings of hopelessness and fear.  And just beyond those wonderful gems?  Anxiety's BFF - depression. I haven't been that far down in a long time and don't plan on it any time soon. 

Depression and it's miserable friend anxiety -- they can both piss off.