Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A3C #20 and inspiration thanks to Lizzy :)

Don't know who Lizzy is?? Go HERE to Lizzy Ford's blog . She is fantastical...inspirational...and I am SOOOOOO all over making this rose wreath and have like 2394083843 more ideas in my head about what else I could use...what else I could use these roses brain is almost explosive about the whole subject. I am seeing mist in their future *sigh*

So these were born from a book that my lovely BostonTerrorist - Boomer - decided to actually EAT THE FRONT COVER from. And no, I don't just mean the paper jacket cover...I mean the FRIGGIN COVER. *ahem* I digress.

"THe Host" by Stephanie Meyer (while a good book when I read it) is now....a box full of flowers for my wreath *maniacal laughter here*

THIS is a one of the layouts that I was yakkin about yesterday (haha @ me) because I couldn't post it yet. We have a montly layout tag at TheMoments and this was my contribution. We rocked it this month because we're done 10 days early! :)

AND FINALLLLLY....A3C #20 for today --- the flowers....obsession of the day (love vacation) complete with scissors and good ol' fashioned glue :)

THANK you for looking....until tomorrow! :)


  1. omg. how awesome and omg. the roses. do one for me :D!!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! So sweet.
    I saw another idea someone had for the book page roses. She made a topiary out of them. I am not usually a fan of topiarys, but add some book page roses... sigh.

  3. THANKS FOR THAT!! I was actually having a vision of the styrofoam cone shapes....TELL ME THAT WOULDNT BE SO AWESOME! Gotta see if I have any...if not, gotta must have go get...yes (all flustered haha)

  4. Love those roses!! Ok, I know I am totally out of the loop, what is A3C?

  5. A3C is my own challenge, but I got SOOO tired of typing it all out! April's Artistic April Challenge -- was to do a (rough definition) of an art journal page each day for the month. Thanks for asking - I think I'm going to do this every April for the whole month, I've had a blast! Thanks for asking and thanks for the comments! :)

  6. Love, love , love those roses, I wouldn't never be able to use them on my pages simply because they're too dimensional, but on a project to be displayed definitely. Awesome art projects April ... you do the most amazing things with paper.