Monday, December 31, 2012

And this year's end-of-the-year photo project...

Is kind of a bomb, really.   BUT it was a fun one.  And the grandparents that are receiving said photo bomb-tastic items will be excited anyway.  You know it's true.

The boys didn't want to go back outside and complete anything that they started.   They had a HUGE base (actually younger chicken boy did it with help from the girls prior to their extravaganza).  So the boys were supposed to finish theirs for photos, and didn't want to.

 So - instead, I had to opt for the kids all together for photos...which kind of went something like ...
 A little bit of this (bad photographer yelling at elder chicken...who looks funeral bound)...
 and a little bit of that...
 ...and a bit more of the other
 ...and chaotic scene ensues
...and I threw some vintage at it and called it a friggin' mess and was over it all. printing, fixing colors a bit (hateful camera and photographer irritated, great combo) and sending copies of flippin' chaos to the grandparents.  They'll LOVE this I'm sure (good thing there were school photos already included in their envelopes, eh?).  

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snow Hits The Fan...

Okay.  All four of the chickens were in the same place starting the day after Christmas.   I can almost not express how happy this makes me, to have them all together with us.  I'm not going to expand on that thought right now, well, because I'm trying to share snow pictures and not cry all over myself prematurely with the thoughts of having to take my eldest chicken back ( alert...subject change...)

ANYWAY --- these two girl chickens made a delightful snowman by themselves (it was stressed "without the help of those boys, we did it alone").    They had all gone out at the same time earlier in the day, but left a snowman bottom unfinished - the girls wanted all four of them to finish a snowman and get their photos taken.  Well, part of it happened, though not in the originally intended way.    The boys didn't want to go outside.   The eldest girl chicken was very irritated at this - so the two girls stomped and clucked outside to make the bestest ever.   They managed and conquered :)

Making it happen....  A couple of bad asses...really.  

 I'm tellin' . 
 Goofy comes out...

And YES I'll be updating tomorrow when the boys realize what they missed out on and go back outside (after being tormented by the girls, I'm sure). 

and - I have to add - my heart is full this week. Bursting. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Monday of Manic Proportions?

:)    Sketch challenge from Diana over @SNC --- I of course had to change it to something other than what it was posted.  (12x12 turned into 6x12).  A photo that was originally printed as 5x7 by someone other than myself.  There was so much "extra" in the photo...basically I just wanted to capture us being "us".  Not glamorous or anything, just a down-time kind of regular-ish day.  

And Manic?? not really that much mania going on, as far as scrapping.  Lots of mania as far as OMG kid homework, projects, extra credit issues, and the girl who put a pencil in her ear  LOL

Monday, December 3, 2012

December ATC and Journaling Challenges you say?

Don't mind if I do...late...but here they be nonetheless...

ATC Challenge:   Christmas "tag".
I think that the mail theme behind this month's ATC is to make something (Christmas/Holiday) related that you won't be keeping... Logan's tag for his gift bag. I figure I can use this for his Bday gift as well, if I don't make another set for the other kids (gotta be fair you know).

JOURNALING Challenge:   Random Christmas Tradition
I do at least one of these pages every year.  Last year I already scrapped the PJs -- because my kids and my sister's kids got to be matching and it was a cute pic set so I HAD TO scrap it right then instead of letting it wait (seriously).   Anyway -- this was a trip down a tortured bit of memory lane for me, December 2007.  I had two jobs with the second being at a photography studio.   Literally thousands of pics were taken by me that whole year.  And ... I got my own kids pics taken by me AT HOME on December 24th!!!  Seriously???  Though I have to admit, the 2008 year was a ton busier (and I'm done thinking about  LOL)

and what does this year have in store for me I wonder?  Never can tell ;)

Thanks for stopping by!