Thursday, April 21, 2011

A3C #21 Simple and Complicated...

The simple was my entry for today.

The complicated (made it that way myself thaaaaanks!) is my egg. That's right. I did ONE. The kids did many many by themselves...while I worked on one. They laaaaaughed...

Used black sharpie, silver sharpie, and white and yellow paint pens...was a brown egg :) Going to do a few more with black and teeny splashes of color. SO excited.

And yes, the chaos that my chaotic egg is resting in IS one of the book-page-flowers.


  1. omg! they r awesome. very ur jounal entry....

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  3. Super job on that egg April, love the intricacy, I'd never have the patience. Awesome journal pages as well, what a great keepsake you'll end with.