Thursday, May 27, 2010

Okay.So this is really self-pity, shameful irritation-hiding, and deflecting of feelings...


Can't scrap...

So I did this picture. Kind of an April Self-Portrait for the day. This day ...UGH. glad it's nearly done is all I have to say!! >:(

Thursday, May 20, 2010

and then today happened.

I am refusing to admit to anything that went on in this day....nope....

However, an empty blog is really not as spectacularly experienced as a blog with a few snarky comments or strategically placed photos.

However, since I am mighty fine with snarky in ny form needed - I drew some pictures to capture the day perfectly.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh because I CAN do these things...

I will!! :)

I have recently been re-introduced to scrapbooking, which I do love, honestly.

However, to amuse myself in the way that only I can do for myself, I have been dabbling in MS Paint. Archaic you say? NO F*N' WAY! I say!

I have been reading . It is friggin HILARIOUS. I am trying to make it to the "end", which I guess is actually the beginning...but I will try hard not to think of that right now or I'll be up for another friggin hour. Allie B -- she rocks. Her drawings have caused my "AHA!" moment with MS Paint and thusly, I have been making ridiculously crudely drawn scribbly-like drawings.


  1. Because they make me laugh.

  2. Because they waste time in a totally awesomely entertaining way.

  3. Because a lot of the time, they could probably be saving a life. Writing about stupid crap that takes up a great portion of some of my days, or drawing ugly drawn pictures?? it's a bonus. Not only do I get to purge myself of the stupid irritating nature of most of my days (dealing with idiots, it is not for the weak), but I also get to AMUSE myself (and others? maybe, but that doesn't even seem as important as ME laughing)

  4. Cause April Said So... (it's the friggin title afterall, I really don't need to add anything else)

This post? I made a blue dragon. THe ugliest drawing of a dragon, blue or otherwise, that I have ever seen. I call it "Dragon1" .. why?? Because I like dragons. I want to have one. I think flying on a dragon would get me to work SOO much quicker!! Not to mention, if anyone did get in my way, my dragon could either eat them, or set them ablaze. I want a dragon. I sometimes FEEL like a dragon. I am still very jealous of the fact that they can shoot fire .... I wanna do that when I grow up!

Celebrate DRAGON DAY - with *Dragon1*

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Oh it's been a looooooong time!! Lynn...this is for you. Not a lot of detail. Not a lot of bling. However, I gave myself a hard time with this because, well, because it's what I do. 8.5x11 two-pager. Ain't nothin simple. *snort*