Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How About A Challenge...or TWO?

I have the honor of hosting the Journaling challenge on the 1st of every month @TheMoments. Very cool Design Team and fabulous members --- and new challenge days are the BEST! :)

The theme for February --- "10 Things I Love About ______" (fill in your own blank).
Mine was ms. Gracie (HAHA - thought i'd obviously HAVE to do one with Stevie again, right?)

I have a BRAND NEW CHALLENGE for the 1st as well --- ATC Challenge!! WooHoo! I am new at the making of these, but have kind of stalked/been enthralled with them for a long while. There are some AMAZING examples out there. They measure 2.5 x 3.5, have the title, date and your name on the back. They are always traded -never to be sold.

So the ATC theme for February (I almost sighed, but hear me out) --make a Valentine-- now, the twist was, try a technique that you don't usually do, or that you want to try out to make it work for you.

This example used a massive collage-y feel with some acrylic paint wash, mist, ripping, tearing, vintage photo with sanded edges, lace, stamping, paints, ink *sigh*

Come join us for some challenges and a great time !

Friday, January 27, 2012

A little bit of this ..little bit of that...

My toss and fling method of scrapping has shown itself again...YAY. I've accomplished an insane amount of layouts just this last week for whatever reason. Amazing when the mojo just FLOWS.

My Gracie -- shutterbug of course -- Luau style :)

Gracie tormenting the cat with a clay mouse that she made to "trick" him HAHA

My boy - August 2000 - in his Pap's "Spider Boots" done for a challenge for FridayFastTrack @TheMoments

Sunday, January 22, 2012

For any followers I may have ---- come join!! see below- message from our fearless leader/founder:

Do you have
What it takes
To join our DT?
January 21, 2012

I am having an open call for 2 people to join our DT @ Scrapping the Moments.We are a small, friendly, scrap booking/paper crafting community. I am looking for someone to head up the weekly photography challenge.You do not need to be a professional photographer to do this.But I would like someone who is excited about taking photos & know their way around their camera.You would have to come up with a weekly idea of what we should photograph.You can see what we have been doing here @ScrappingTheMoments. If you are interested please send some of your photos, ideas you might have for the challenges, a little about yourself,and if you have a blog please send me a link to it, to pat@scrappingthemoments.com By February 4,2012. If you can't post on the members board or gallery please do not apply.I am only looking for people who can participate & show interest in our community.The 2nd position will be doing an ATC challenge. We have just started doing these & there is a lotof interest in these ATCs by our members. Only apply if you can commit to doing a monthly challengeand to participate on the message board & gallery. If interested please send me some samples of yourwork,especially ATCs you have done & if you have a blog or gallery send a link to that also.You can send this info to pat@scrappingthemoments.com by February 4,2012.There is no compensation at this time for our DT members. But there is joy from sharing our talents with others. Pat Bishop

Sunday, January 15, 2012

One For Sunday...

Well, since I finished it probably after midnight, yes, it qualifies for Sunday work.

My man *sigh* the sayings were found online, there are some pretty funny ones. I did them with stamps by hand though, so I wanted to keep it rather "short". Pebbles, Inc. twist ties which have been in my stash forever were kind of an inspiration - they say the sweetest things :)

I hope you all have a great Sunday - may it be productive in every way you need. :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

At least my last post wasn't a lie...

I DID say it was the neglectful season...I just had no idea that it was going to be 30 minutes shy of THREE MONTHS of neglect. I know how to call them though...sheesh.

Anyway, not much scrapbooking in the month of November -- why? because I was on a DiSneY CRUISE and it took me until nearly December to get myself together LOL

This is my good best buddy Lynn - who I FINALLY got to meet in-real-life - she and the chickens got a kick outta each other ;)
GRACIE the friggin cruise ship ROCKSTAR on the way to the Pirate Party @the kids' place...she had a BLAST...and outlasted her brother by many hours overall (funniest.thing.ever).

A two pager (I KNOW RIGHT???) for a challenge @TheMoments which is always a blast and PACKED full of challenges twice a month (CHECK.IT.OUT).

My two on the cruise --- got them to sit still WITH each other for a photo. of course, then they started poking and kicking each other, but it was a good 30 seconds while it lasted.

My first official ATC :) I made this for the Moments newest challenge --- and it was inspired by the Pigeon (of Mo Willems famous Pigeon books) -- and I did this for Gracie because I knew she'd get a kick out of it (and of COURSE she did, the sense of humor she posesses is amazing, and so familiar HAHA).