Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A3c #6

YES - I am making my own title of my month-long challenge WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY harder than it needs to be. *sigh* it's a gift really :) A3C is now what the April's Artistic April Challenge is known as. Yay me.

This journal actually had paint. marker. colored pencil. yummmmmmmy. ANd to answer any questions, yes, I actually CAN read and did read part of a book today and learned the 12 things couples need to receive in a relationship (STOP LAUGHING)....there were 6 on the SHE side and 6 on the HE side. it made sense to me, it clicked, a lightbulb went on, etc. Brilliant!!

G-force and I went to Bren's baseball game tonight - a win!! (6 to 3).

I had an epiphany about the "luck" of colors - being that extremely happy colors (or what a person percieves as their happy colors) can actually be a lucky thing....I'll let you know how that goes!

Hope to scrap something tomorrow ! and hopefully not JUST my journal challenge...though I am SO excited about that actually working out thus far.


  1. love love love this one. its my fav. this is YOU!! finally...out there. you're reading venus and mars. *laughing hysterically* snort.

  2. good blog it has good elements...again u look cute i hv liked u