Friday, September 30, 2011

New Challenge?? and my 100th blog post!!

Now THAT is exciting!!
Over @ScrappingTheMoments the DT is unleashing a new set of challenges tomorrow!!!

Since my last couple of challenges have been so serious - I'm giving everyone a break of a sort (well, not really a break, it just means that next month will be more thought/anxiety provoking is all...but shhhhhhh if they think it's a "break", it's all good). Anyway -- the challenge this month was to journal about something "awesome". I originally had a thought of a "this is what I did on my summer vacation" type thing...guess that would qualify as "awesome" because don't the kids have to write things like that at school anymore??

MY trip of the summer, which was cut from everyone else's 7 days down to like 3 (sigh-work)...was still friggin awesome. In all honesty - I'm not crazy about the die cuts I used for the title...but I then colored on them with white pen and felt a "little" better about it - but in all truth, I wanted to rip it off and scream in a mad fit while stomping my feet at the injustice of it all. HOWEVER, taking the mature way --- I decided to suck it up and say IT'S OKAY (thanks AliE).

CHALLENGE yourself...or maybe it's not much of a challenge --- scrap something AWESOME and share :)


  1. lmao.................and congrats on #100. woo the page and ilove the title. you're such a dork *wink*

  2. Congrats on hitting 100 ...very cool, and of course lots of great stuff went into it. I have to say this page you've created is pretty amazing, love that tag with your journaling strips, such a great idea.