Saturday, July 9, 2011

A page taken out of context...

...or taken out of someone else's scrapbook!

I am super excited about quite a few things and I am sooooooo excited that I'm going to put them in bullet format for emphasis of each reason I'm soooooooo excited (deal with me, alright?? it is what it is):

  • I have in my possession, an album that is vintage. Vintage album - pictures - subjects in pictures.

  • Including snapshots of relatives' lives from so long ago, arranged in the scrapping "style" of that era, written in their hand, documenting the who/what/when/where for most of the photos involved (fellow scrappers are you holding your breath with giddy anticipation???)

  • It is proving to me just a little about what "acid free" actually hypes (but that gets me off course a little). Of course, on that same line, it reiterates that LESS REALLY CAN BE this is a treasure for sure. (try to remind myself of this the next time I freak out about HAVING to have something new blahblahblah). Alright already (soapbox time done)

  • SUPER EXCITED BECAUSE: it's my grandparent's (dad's parents) WEDDING/HONEYMOON SCRAPBOOK.

  • yep.



Okay. *breathe now*

I have SO MANY project ideas in my head. Most importantly, I am not going to deconstruct this book in any fashion. I like the fact that the book is tattered and red, with plastic "spirals" on the sides which are mostly broken. I like the fact that it has (in "vintage-y" looking writing on the cover) "PHOTOGRAPH album". I like the fact that all of the pages? BLACK paper. Silver photocorners. B&W pics, mostly squares, but different sizes as well. and written in my own relative's handwriting, the who/what/when/where. The stuff that really matters.

My heart is absolutely singing. My mojo is kicking me in the shoulder blades (though that's probably partially due to tendonitis and the most recent flare of the stupidTriggerPoint near my right shoulder blade). I HAVE SUCH AN AWESOME GIFT HERE...I can't wait to celebrate it and make something "my own" from the contents.

Nope, not the ACTUAL contents because that is all staying EXACTLY how it is - broken binding and all, it is absolutely, positively, without a doubt perfect EXACTLY how it is. Promise.


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  1. OMG! Swoon!!! Thud. My mom had one like that and she took it apart. SIGH!! I can't wait to see you rock them photos. And what a treasure!!!