Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Challenge anyone?

More challenges @ The Moments!! The 1st and 15th of the month uploads some great challenges to get your mojo to nag at ya just a bit!

I generally like to do them one at a time --- or better to say one layout at a time --- however, it's a struggle to do this. I want to scrap-multitask and put two or more challenges together and still have it be "mine" Mental issue more than likely (haha)

My contribution for Cindy's die-cut challenge which was for a layered die cut as well as a die-cut not a square or rectangle...AND for the scraplift challenge which was from Pam's grid-like my artistic interpretation of this was for the die-cuts by JillibeanSoup (love love in love with them) and used them like a grid of a sort...artistic interpretations are done rather by the seat of your pants and I actually think this has a bit of a LO from a magazine involved somewhere along the line (guessing, I'd have to say it was SB etc mag from August2011, I will search and edit this info later if I find it LOL)

My contribution to the Heritage Challenge a-la-Lynn -- use a heritage photo with "modern" papers/design ;) and YESSSSSSSSSS this is the photo I posted last week or so from the grandparent's wedding/honeymoon scrapbook...many more to come from that one ! :)

And this --- which was one from the 1st of the month with *Jess* --- OneLittleWord: Summer. I used a LO that was basically already done - but was without picture or words...that was from another challenge (name escaping me ... because I'm special like that). The Admission tickets are ours from the drive-in that we went to, the ones on the right pull out for journaling.

NOW, I shall be bossy----

Go do something artistic...I swear you'll feel better if you do ;)


  1. These are super ~I like everyone of them~fantastic work!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. This is sooooooooooooooooooooo cool April. Especially love the heritage one *wink wink* Actually ALL of them rock. So glad you finally got down with your scrappy self. lmao...................