Saturday, October 15, 2011

it's the neglectful season...

Yep, this is the time of the year that I severely neglect my blog. Today, I am going to blame it on the weather. Because today's weather is AWESOME...sunny, lovely 70 degrees temperature and a perfect beautiful breeze *sigh* LOVE IT. My FAVORITE time of the year - so I can be happy that I'm living my life instead of hiding on the computer. My ADHD seems to be much worse during the pretty weather. I can hide when it starts freezing...or the temperature reaches the OMG-I-AM-FRYING-FROM-THE-INSIDE temperatures again. Is it a date? sure it is. Some things that I have done lately (project speaking) include the following....

Every Friday @Moments they have Friday Fast Track -- which is where a sketch gets posted and you have 2 hours to complete and upload to be eligable for cars and millions of dollars and stuff...or maybe it's just the stuff...but the other two things sound cool. (TOLD you the ADHD was kickin'). ANYWAY, I am usually either traveling, playing softball or expecting company and readying the abode for such. SO - imagine my shock and not-so-awe at the fact that I was home for the extravaganza last night! I did a layout that cracked me up - this is me at the ZooBoo (anual trick or treat @the Norfolk Zoo) -- and this was one of the WORST costumes ever. Why??? pulled my udders. An adult MAN pulled my udders. I almost felt like I had to shower in bleach and go for some massive therapy afterward.

THIS one was friggin awesome - same event, same year, but the pirate costume rocked. It helped that the other studio actually had a dude that dressed up a la capt. jack for parties...he was good too! and know what? I don't remember his name AT ALL so I will always consider him capt jack that I hung out with all day at the event with real swords and we got pictures taken with MANY MANY people. It was awesome! ((by the way, say a silent word or two for me, as this is my first out of the last five zoo boo events that I am missing *sigh*))

These are my two monsters - done as a scraplift from CK October 2011 Pg 17. I used QK to cut out my "skulls" which are actually pears --- and then I had to trace them all and cut them out of the paper - because the pear shape has a stem right next to it that you have to cut out so there was no way to do it with the machine. oh.the.pain.and.repetitive.cutting. I like it though, much fun!

You like? Yes, no? comment anyway...i can take it >:)


  1. awesome awesome layouts...looove that first

  2. totally spooktackular and you was a cow. snort. smirk guffaw!!! lol!!!

  3. April ... I just love your scrappy good self, everything you do is incredible, and these pages are no exception. Great job girlie.