Monday, May 23, 2011

and who knew that this stuff fixes more than just drywall????

SPACKLING compound. used it on a layout. YES.I.DID. I needed texture. .. it was an obsession...a scraplift of the "Summer Evening" layout by Kathie Link on pg 39 Spring 2011 Somerset Memories. Since I picked up this wonderful edition (which I have marked tons of pages in with mini post-its and scribbled notes/ideas for)...I have been obsessively drooling over this layout. I even had the perfect pictures in mind, because I remembered the photos of my mom and Brendan from 2000 (summer) and knew I wanted to do SOMETHING with them, just didn't have the right ever (as they are coming up on 11 year old photos afterall) So the original artist - her supply list had "texture paste" for the stuff she used. Do I know what that is?? Ummmm...not really....but my brain's hamster wheel was whirlin' (ahhaahahahahaha...i can hear the squeak*)

Anyway - this was a SUPER simple LO to do, but the spacking compound???? seriously??? I actually didn't know it was going to turn out so AWESOME. The spackle that I had on hand had dried a bit, but I kept adding water little drops at a time and mixing and then - BAM!!! *sigh*

I did get a bit crazy with the misting (as usual) I tried to keep myself orderly, I used masking tape to make the hard lines, but didn't mask off the rest of the paper -- but I like mine like it is. A big hot contained mess *just like me*. Can't ever tell me that an artist doesn't put a bit of herself in her work (hahahahahaha)

I'm so using spackling compound me go ;)


  1. whoa girl you so rocked it, and spackling compound. i'd have to wait till dh goes out of town, bwahahaaha! i love love love this. totally.

  2. This is soooo cool - what a fantastic page! Love it!!

  3. wow! this is sooo awesome! i am also so lovin how you did the title...again, very awesome! thanks for the inspiration!