Monday, May 30, 2011

Dear Blogger. This is not hate mail...I swear...

I am trying to sign in to add a wonderful blogger to my "follow" list. Can I do it? no. Is it me? Probably. However, in the spirit of my day (trying to get the house straight with 2 kids that want to blame everything under the roof on someone else -- 'cause they're creative like that)...I'm blaming blogger. I can post something new and be signed in -- but I can't add a new blog to my "I really LIKEY AND WANT TO VISIT AGAIN PLEASE AND THANK YOU" list.

I'm frustrated. My head hurts. I'm now putting myself into a time-out and taking a friggin nap.

When I am finished with this project (hahaha hard work I knoooow)...I want to post some photos here that I took on saturday...and add a hilarious blogger to my list. okay? okay. Plan.

Love you blogger...really. Peace out for naptime. ;)


  1. Yowza!!! Great rant!! Hopefully the offending thingy will sit up and take notice. I can't wait to see who's more hilarious that moi. Snort, un that would be anyone. lol!

  2. Sometimes, Blogger can really make your head hurt