Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot...

It's a scorcher for sure. I, for one, am not going out in the burning-sun-which-hates-me-a-lot. Sooooo....what's an April to do? The best-ever-Steve left a little bit ago and the chickens of mine return this evening. What am I to do? I'll share some layouts from this week...and then I think I'll scrap some more ;)

TheMoments .... loads of challenges and game nights to inspire and light the scrappin fire under your booty to get your creativity flowin ;)
"perspective" I uploaded without the journaling (because ... I am duh sometimes LOL) that was for a sketch chllenge :)

"My mom says I'm awesome. Therefore it's true"....LOVE THAT PAPER -- this was done for another challenge. . a lift of the talented Diana ;)

Yet another lift challenge - to lift our fearless leader Pat ;) THis little 8x8 has tons of stuff...glitter stamped stars (on the lower left, which did NOT scan all that well), misting, white mist made with paint/water in a MiniMister -awesome). The banner is also stamped (used for the half-circle) and I used flocking powder for some further texture :)

And so goes another week!! More posts of more layouts, hopefully I'll be able to crank out something creative today as well :)


  1. Awesomely HOT HOT HOT my friend. Oh yea the lo's tooo. bwahahaha!!!