Monday, February 28, 2011

I guess you can call this stuff "old"


Preparing for Lynn and my nightly scrapMania...I almost mania'ed myself into an aneurysm.

Went into the closet looking in a box (for patterned paper) ended up finding all of my cropper hopper things FULL of papers. Massive amounts of old DT stuffs (two diff sites and 10 packages (at least) from one alone...OMG.The>STUFFFFFFF.

SO was on the edge of having a breakdown of a sort anyway. THEN. Found a 6" stack of layouts that were FINISHED and not in protectors. and not in albums. I have no words for my facial expression at that point.
SOOOOOO I've spent the last ... hour or so...finding protectors...sticking most of those LOs in (well the 8x11 and the 6x12 anyway because I didn't even want to BEGIN with the 12x12). Have only brought ONE container of paper down to the current scrap area - because that can overwhelm a person in a second. That way, when I go through the thing after dinner, I will be able to create with it. Not curl up in the corner rocking back and forth and pulling out my hair murmuring something about "buried alive under papers...can't choose can't choose" ((my imagination gets really descriptive sometimes)).
Aren't these COOL THOUGH???? these were just a few of my faves (changed computers since I've done these and alllllll the other scanned versions of these are ... wherever they are till I retrieve them!).
SCRAP MANIA MONDAY is gonna be awesome!!


  1. awesome as usual and i remember when we scrapped these in a virtual chaotic whirlwind. good to know we can still wind each other up!!!! bwahaha. cya at moments.

  2. I have always totally loved your work April, the colors, the designs, the totally fun, creative way you put things together ... I'm so loving this scrapping streak you've been on. Keep it up girlie ... scrapping will set you free.