Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Manic Monday was a BLAST!

School pix circa 08/09. it was a challenge dude. LOL

This one....Brendan at 5 yrs and Gracie at 2 months OMG this feels like FOREVER ago now :( That part does kind of make me sad. BUT I got to ink the crap outta something, and use lotsa STUFF too. A simplistic chaotic mess. ;)

here we have - from today (circa 11/2009) the 3 cousins. Take note of all of my word stickers which actually do kind of tell a rambling story -- pay attention to my details!!!
So this is sure to be "I am so friggin tired Tuesday" hahahahahahahha. I did a page, however, if I am up till 10 it'd be a miracle to behold.
LAST night http://www.scrappingthemoments.com/ -- true to manic form, Lynn and I got to play again. She is my awesomely talented SB partner. OMG is that like a civil union?? common law scrap partners?? *snort* I digress.. FUN from last night and today's layout cause I do not think I'm living large and playing with the big dawgs tonight.
In my down time today (hahahahahahaqhahahahahahahahahahaha that laugh hurt)...I set up a hubposting thing....I have yet to make a post. You can contribute, have an Amazon acct...if people click on links from your hub spot and buy something from an ad on your page, you get credit....hoping this works out. Will investigate that tomorrow, or at least "at a later time" because my brain cells are trying to continue holding my body in an upright position right now. It's a struggle for sure!

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  1. i hear ya about tired tuesday. i think we ran flat out and now we're flat out. lol!!! awesome lo's you know your rock it.