Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Creating and wanting to create...often the two do not meet.

That is where I am stuck today. The WHOLE day long at work...thinking about a project...nearly obsessively thinking about it. Planning in my head, scribbling down notes in my little notebook for such things. Making mental checklists of things I want, things I may want, things I have to do, things NOT to do....and then what happens??


Errands to run. Groceries to get (and I absolutely detest this store time SUCKS...but that is another post entirely). Dinner to cook. Chores to be tended to (and a task master/slave driver to the offspring). Dishes. Laundry? yep. *sigh* SO I'm left with what now??

Oh. I'm left with a mental checklist. A notebook with scribbled notations of the creating that I wanted to do. Pictures/gel medium/transfers/paint/glorious plans in my head for the creating that I want to do...and didn't get to do today.

Life. Gotta love it!

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  1.'ll EVEN BETTER because wait. can't wait to see it.