Sunday, February 20, 2011

PROJECTS projects Everywhere...

and INK all over my hands ;) LOVE IT!
My very first altered canvas project. I wanna know something though (kind of throwing myself a curve ball right at the start of the post...nice)...WHY is it called an ALTERED canvas?? Essentially EVERY canvas is altered from its original blank state if it is painted on or sketched why the word altered??? Okayyyy...nevermind. TO THE PICTURES batman!

The canvas was teeeeeeny -- only 2.5 x 2.5 (not the one in the photo) --- I wanted to start small just in case it turned out hideously (seriously, there is always the slight possibility of gross-happenings).

I used acrylic paints, alcohol inks and glimmer mist (chalkboard). I had gotten some clear stamps, used Tim Holtz ink for those. old Maisy Mo white rubons are tossed in there as well. Dictionary page clippings --- definition for LIKE. THEN - this is the most awesome part of it that had me excited and jazzed for DAYS - image transfer done with gel medium and a photocopied picture (printed "mirror image" so that the pic would turn "right side" when tranferred). That was the most awesome thing I've done in a while!! It turned out WAYYYY more cool than even I thought it would! I'll like out the site I found the directions for it...I don't have it right now lol

When all was said and done, gel medium put over top of it, placed on the black easel, ribbon with some charms on the ends and....I love it!!

This is where it will sit for now :) better pics in the daytime!

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  1. oooooooooooooo i'm not sure about the whole altered thing. maybe an add toit. you know? snort. anyway AWESOME project. i LOVE that photo. sigh.