Saturday, February 26, 2011

Challenge *me* will you?!?

Haha. An impromptu challenge from for a layout where the picture says it all, thus the layout needs no title. Nailed it *snort*

CS unknown; KI striped paper (I will be devastated when it' s all gone), MM noteworthy journaling dohickey (yes it's a word), 7g stamp, MM brads, some other brad, Queen&Co pearl thingies which I love; MM fabric tape and measuring tape as well.

Challenge DONE! in about 20 minutes 'cause I rock da house like that ;)

More later - I've got a canvas that is begging to be uploaded...when I decide whether it's actually finished or not! LOL


  1. snort. omg. what a photo. i love bren's face. what a big brother look that was. love love love it:) love the stamped circles. very clever.

  2. I don't know how I missed this challenge ... but you knocked it out of the park girl. Love it.