Thursday, February 17, 2011

Needle? Meet haystack...mix it up people.

Oh bring it on.

What's missing now?
A shoe? no that was tuesday.
Socks? no, that's pretty much every other morning.
Phone? No, no, not that. We have the phones. I have mine. Kids have one too. Their dad bought them phones. Right now, he's paying for service on one that hasn't been on in like 12 days. Why? because that phone belongs to an EIGHT year old that refuses to keep track of her crap. It's dead -- because she can't find the charger. Does any other charger of the 132i3209482348 that we have in our "omg what is this" basket FIT her phone?? Oh hell no. that would be waaay too easy.

SHe balances her life well. Lose the charger for her phone for almost 2 weeks --- and got Citizen Of The Month for her school. Seriously. "...was selected for demonstrating positive character in her homeroom, in the school and for confronting the challenge to use good manners everyday." Really? So to tackle the ramifications of getting Citizen of the month --we can lose a charger that only serves ONE charge the PHONE that we "oh so desperately needed". REALLY????

I think I'm gonna balance this out by doing a couple of things. I'll either have to drink copious amounts of alcohol until this makes sense to me....or I'll color with crayons. It's a coin toss...

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  1. omg! snort. i really need not drink any beverages when i read your stuff. still laughing. thanks!