Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grandma mini-coaster album

I wanted SOOOOO badly to ink ink ink....gram is not really a big fan of it *gasp*. She likes clean lines. I inherited some craftiness from her, but obviously this ink deficiency is a gene from a different pool LOL

She misses the kids - she's got five great grandkids in all - I like to do things like this for her every so often. She can't hang frames on the wall, and obviously (by missing a whole box of photos now in my posession) she has no room for those either. A minialbum I can sneak in ;)

Products....Outback Steakhouse coasters (their fault); oversized playing card 5 of hearts; definition sticker; misc lace (actually got that from her a few years ago!); Li'l Davis bookplate; MM brads; misc metal heart; GlueDots; PP DreamStreet (love this); Colorbok transparencies (front and back); and MM typeset stickers Mini.

SO MUCH FUN!! ANd super quick -only because all of the photos are from the same night and were all printed together anyway hahaha - with exception of the beach pic at the end. I like to remind people where we are ;) jealousy is a good tool to help with memory problems!!


  1. totally gorgeous and grandma is gonna love it. i'm admiring your restraint on the ink. gasp*faint*thud.

  2. I KNOW RIGHT??????
    I actually wanted ink AND paint... *sigh*
    such a good girl *insert eyeroll here*

  3. I bet she loved it ... I haven't created a mini in years, I'll leave it to you, you're way better at it.