Sunday, February 27, 2011

it was chaotic...and OH so much fun!

My buddy lynn and I by accident (didnt-mean-to-but-did-kinda-do-it-anyway) hijacked a thread at for our own selfish means of scrapping together and challenging each other to do our own twisted versions of a "scrap game".

Challenge #1 was inspired by a simple 4-leaf clover that I found floating around my the odds-n-ends bin (yes seriously). USE GREEN.

I ended up with "lucky" Gracie. She is lucky. She has used her "cute" to get her out of messes all through time...she's charming and for the most part (until like ...3rd grade this year) has always been compliant, happy, go-with-the-flow. Her teenage years are going to murder me slowly.


  1. omg. your journaling. i'm snorting. love love love this page. and the clover. total inspiration for my page.

  2. Beautiful ... love how truthful your pages are, no fluff just the good stuff, colors, shapes, pics and journaling.