Wednesday, May 4, 2011

RickRack rosette ring...oooooooo...ahhhhhh blog hopping totally made me soooo giddy today. Found rosettes made from rick rack .... omg. TheCraftingChicks. And YES I am totally trying this one...waiting for glue to dry right now!!! :)

Excuse my hands...which suddenly look like they've aged...and the 9 different colors of nail polish - I was trying some out to see what I liked best (liked the one I used 2x a bit better, which would be why it's 9 and not 10 different colors...okay back to the original point...)

This was SUPER easy to do. Turns out that I have no patience for tacky glue to dry...gotta have it done NOW NOW NOW --- so for this (the first project) I actually used glue dots. IMPATIENCE is a trait of mine - sometimes I just have to embrace it and go with it (as I don't really give myself a choice in the matter). The directions for the tutoral I believe said to use a hot glue gun...I really was valuing my fingers a bit though - and didn't want to melt the fingertips because for sure it would have happened on this one. I may use the hot glue on others, but THIS one is perfect just as it is...looove it


  1. omg. you're outta control. good thing i'm back. then we both can go nuts. lmao.................

  2. Seriously, you are too funny! Love that ring, it is adorable!!