Thursday, March 10, 2011

On the menu today...massive amounts of hyperbole...just take it, smile and say thank you...

weird title I know...stick with the post, it'll only feel slightly like blowing your nose into a magic eraser (and without the chemical burns that those things can give...did you know that??)...okay- - focusing.... Anyway.

Last night I felt the need to tell a story about G@3 or whatever her age was....the story was the focus LOL ------>

Sometimes i feel the need to stick my hands in ink and paint and get messy. Other times I feel the need to write a mini-novella and get it done. What I am trying to do is to get things out of my system. I am finding it very therapeutic to find pictures that aren't necessarily the BEST photography speaking, or the simple snapshots that capture US just being *US*. "A Day In The Life Of..." kind of things.

As difficult as it was four/five/six years ago to imagine myself feeling any kind of stability, I do feel that. I do have very special people in roles in my life that I didn't imagine. More to be done -- I've got some things to do. I HAVE, however, gotten some important things accomplished. I have come what feels like LIGHT YEARS away from where I was, in a lot of good ways. There are some things that I miss, but I would not change the things I've gone through. ....... hmmmmm .... wait.just.a.second...
.....take that back....maybe I'd change them so it didn't feel like I'd gone through massive brain surgery without anesthesia...or maybe a colonoscopy with a telescope...or a heart transplant with a box of rocks and lightbulbs in it's place? whichever... ;)

Ah, Yes. Hyperbole in mass amounts!! Yet another of my services, free of charge! Goes great with a side order of sarcasm and a twist of a cynical view for garnish.

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  1. ooooooooooooooo exactly like i would've said only WAY better. lol. love it.