Monday, March 14, 2011

Style, thoughts, idea, challenge, it's all good

My “style” which I have called chaotic, is reminiscent of an art journal. I appreciate art journals – have wanted to start one – haven’t done it - didn’t think that I could. HOWEVER, I now believe that the reason that I CAN’T start an art journal is because my scrapbook pages are similar enough to an art journal that there is no need to separate the two! And also, this time around in my scrapping life (hahaha) I am seeing things for what they are and telling their stories accordingly. It’s the “little” things in life that are the ones that matter the most – so I am doing what I like and recording what I like, not necessarily what the COOLEST and BEST and NEWEST fads/fashion/trends are in the SB community. And ya know what?? I’m having the best time ever doing things this way!! Others don’t like it? That’s completely OKAY (thanks Ali E.) because it’s mine…if I find it meaningful or purposeful…it’s mine so it’s all good!

My newest project – all on my own, with the invitation for others to join in as well – is an “art journal/mini-book” that documents each day, either by pictures/words/doodles/quick notes/whatever. It can be a calendar page? Or a photojournalistic approach (which is what I did for the whole month of November a loooong time ago, and it is still one of my very favorite projects to have done…and I DID it…and it has meaning to me, how much more can you ask for?) My photos weren’t necessarily the best photographically – and that’s FINE – the point was, take a picture each day…and tell some kind of story with it. Whether it pertains directly to the picture, or whether a thought was provoked on that day….really it’s up to the person doing the project – it’s YOURS afterall!

I am doing this for the month of April. I will also do this another month, I’m thinking August will be the second go around if anyone would like to join me for that one (in case people are too chicken to start in April).

Who is brave enough to go along with me???

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  1. sign me UP. maybe. lol!!! i'll give it a go. sounds like a blast.