Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the coolest pencils.ever.

I am not sure about EVER, ever, but these are pretty friggin cool. I was leaving the studio early *sigh* and saw these --- triple looked and then went in the place. VERY cool, eclectic, rather artsy and original stuff they have in there. PENCILS THAT LOOK LIKE TREE BRANCHES??????? SERIOUSLY??? Is that not the COOLEST LOOKING THING??

AND NOW....this is my "new" scrap space. I have wonderful products...quite the collection (and HEAVENS no this isn't ALL of it) This is all of my paper and inks and then baskets for embellishments or whatever everything and stuff (hahahaha). I still have boxes of "other" stuff -- aka chipboard/paint/buttons/stuff to alter/and tons of stamps. howeverI want to keep this spot filled with my FAVORITES...yep the pencils are in there MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

to scrap or not to scrap...

1 comment:

  1. OMG! those pencils are so cool and i know you're going to rock them AND THAT scrap SPACE. thud. you so rocked it!!! its awesome!