Thursday, March 24, 2011

and no I haven't been slacking...

well, I've been SCRAPPING, yet not I guess I'm 1/2 way slacking LOL. I am uploading stuff that is recent, within the last few days, and two things that are older, but when I hopped in the waaaaaay back machine and went through some scrapbooks, they reached out and "awwwwwww"-ed me. LOVE it when that happens. Reminds me of why I do what I do when I do that stuff I do....anyway --->

Gracie at WhiteOak Park in PA - when she was 2 -- I made the flowers and I L.O.V.E. them and want to make more - wild bunches of insane looking funky flowers with buttons and clips and ink and paint and brads and ribbons and strings. *sigh* you get the rambling point...they're a riot ;)

Ah. Brendan's trail blazing with my mother once upon a few trips/years ago and takes sun rise/sun set pics...these are awesome, I have them framed in 5x7 somewhere in this house - and have through the last 2 houses as well! Soooo proud of the boy

THIS one is one that I stumbled upon in my scrapbook...Photo taken by gracie --- and I just like the FUNKY nature of it all together...STILL one of my faves...such a freestyle-everything-goes-and-did-get-stuck-to-the-page kind of deals LOVE the colors!

THIS one....*sigh*
I hardly know how to 'splain this one in words that make sense heehee
a while ago it was a challenge I'm sure...on a DT far-far-away. I did the photo on textured CS from a program that made the photos into a sort of "brochure" kind of format. All of the details still make me smile, though they do feel like they were so long ago ;)

ONWARD to new stuff today....thanks for catching up an walking down memory lane with me :)


  1. wowzers chickie you've been rockin the lo's and what a blast it's been. i'm thinkin i have some catchin up to do!!!