Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Brilliant scraptastic ideas where to find them (a la PageMaps blog via Pintrest detour) and inspiration found with Scrapbook Soup! TV show that I found quite accidentally today (OMG OMG OMG)

So ... I had today off and had to play around with things, especially after watching that show and then subsequently the website (where I got to watch an episode with *gasp* Ali E *faint*thud*).   I got to produce the following two layouts:

 The first was inspired by the Scrapook Soup! TV show (episode SS-301).  I tried to do a resist like the video...however, I realized that I have no idea where my oil pastels are.   Therefore, I decided that I didn't have any.  SOOOOO...I thought that I might try some regular crayons?   Nah.  Not so good.   I used watercolors, then I used watercolor crayons for the circle after the watercolors were mostly dried on the page.   The title, written and then hand-cut because .... April has no awesome Brother/Silhouette/Cricut scan/cut machines.   *ahem* I digress...

The second was inspired by Page Maps sketch which I randomly found on Pintrest.  (Link above).  Can't EVER go wrong with a PageMaps sketch. siiiiigh.

Now, with me returning to a regular work-day tomorrow *sigh*  I'll be lucky to update the A3C journal.   Soldiering on!!

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