Saturday, April 12, 2014

More *stuff*??? Seriously?


I've been blessed with ADD/OCD scrap-affliction at times.   ADD because I'm all over the place, but OCD because when my brain locks onto something - I have to make it work for me some way, some how.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...PageMaps Sketch strikes again (Thanks Pinterest for keeping me on my toes).
 Thus, this LO was born...
THEN....... Lynn sent me a screenshot of a magazine (from 2013, though I didn't make note of the magazine, perhaps Lynn can comment with that information for the purpose of being thorough?)   The Layout was "Becoming You" by Julie Koets.  The thing I LOVED about her LO? She used drywall tape/gutter guard/staples...LOVE THAT.   Reminds me of my use of wall patch stuff from a while ago...hmmm.  ANYWAY - while I did not use anything nearly as cool as drywall tape and gutter guard *sigh*, I was inspired by the overall look -- so THIS layout was born....
  The use of a "be original" kind of quote...massacred of course..."be original, one-of-a-kind, like everyone else".   It made me laugh, even in its disjointed state.   and the kids are friggin perfect for it, no matter if it's the right quote or not, as they are "oh-so-very original".  

What will the next scrapstravaganza bring???

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  1. the mag was CK 101+ creative ways to use your scrapbook supplies. So enjoying the mag and it appears my pal is making more use out of it than I am. YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL. LOVE!