Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A3C 12-15!!!

Hey Hey Hey, whaddayaknow???  A3C Journal 12-15 ;)

DAY 12:::::::::::::::::::::  the most horrific, hideous, heinous drive.  Ugh. 
 DAY 13::::::::::::::::::::::: annnnnnnnnd return trippin' ... the boy with the license *gasp/faint/thud*
DAY 14::::::::::::::::: Loving these cute little "mini" day pages, AND these marvelous pens!!! Sakura jelly roll 0.8 mm --who'd a thunk it? I thought my days with an ultra-awesome writing white pen were done, but then I found these babies and BAM....back in business!

DAY 15:::::::::::::::::::::: ANNNNNNNNND layering tags leftover from my LO that I did last night (which I shall post tomorrow).  Loving the tags and the washi washi everwhere!

CAN I EVEN BELIEVE THIS???  Almost not!   This is a crazy ride, 1/2 done now - keeping it going!!!

Layouts posted tomorrow because *gasp* I've also been scrapping regular pages and enjoying the heck out of some sketches.   It appears sketches are my old/new "thing" to do.   I'm not messing with the mojo however it wants to appear!  I'll entertain it any way it comes :)

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