Friday, April 4, 2014

A3C the intro and Days 1-3

Ooooookay!!!   I'm having SO SO SO much fun with this for 2014!!   I must say, the acrylic paint on chipboard?? AWESOME IDEA!!  *bowing humbly and graciously*


Let's get to it!

I have decided that I was brilliant, yet again, with the "let's not do the covers yet" plan.   I've cooked up a zillion (or maybe less) ideas already and, therefore, am glad that I didn't make anything permanent yet.


 DAY 1:::::: (kinda "boring", but I literally did ... not much that day)

DAY 2:::::: (a list because work was involved ha)

 DAY 3:::::  with an added "pocket" page made with transparency (Hambly Prints of old):: 

I really and sincerely hope it looks like I'm having a blast with this - - because I reallllly am :)   I need to kick life up a notch though because I  am realizing that I tend to lead a mundane existence if I allow it. ;)

Until next update ~ Muah


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 'Bout time you got excited = I miss our cyber scrapfests.