Friday, September 14, 2012

FINALLY something done.

Well, I say that as if I haven't done ANYTHING in the last two weeks.   I have.   Not a whole ton of "creativity" for fun, but I've done a lot of things.  

THIS layout I started ....I'll stick with "a while ago" (read:  almost two weeks ago, on the 4th) for a challenge over @ScrapNChat.   Thank you to Sherrie for the challenge of a "sunburst" pattern on the LO.  I k]now she was probably intending for patterned paper usage, but I am a rule breaker /massively creative genius outside the box thinker? I don't know.  I see sunburst though (and the blue bird of happiness in the background of the totally amazing pic).  

 and no, I don't mean that my pic posting is the amazing pic, because quite frankly it is horrible and should have been a do-over.  BUT, laziness won that battle and THERE IT IS.

NOW, back to my mad home-making skillz ---- I gotta go paint something ;)


  1. Very fun and I love the burst. There's a blue bird?

    1. Breanna in the background --wth with that face?