Saturday, September 1, 2012

Falling back into the swing of some things...September scrap challenge??

Yes, I am aware that my scrapping instances have been sooooo far between. 
Thanks to the great and spectacular group of ladies @Scrap N Chat - they have allowed (or is it tolerated??) my mojo being completely hidden from me, and having pretty much the whole summer off of my challenges.  I have felt some mojo flowing (actually, a mojo is an awkward thing sometimes, because it can show itself in non-scrappy ways, which I guess is cool, unless scrapping is what you NEED it for!) and my two challenges *should you choose to accept either* are as follows :)

Journaling Challenge September 1, 2012: 
Use multiple journaling spots.  This can be multiple handwritten on the paper, multiple die cut by you/prepurchased (such as mine on the following)...and yes I actually did have another one planned incase my words ran away with themselves and didnt fit ;)
Also, this continues with my family theme of RANDOM #____ layouts.  Are they really in numerical order?  Heck no.  I just try not to repeat the same number - and if I do repeat it?  I don't really think it matters, seriously.  It's not like there are any rules or that I would actually follow them if there were any.  (Rules=more like guidelines anyway. the best thing learned from Pirates of the Caribbean movies)

Close up of the titling: 
close up of the journaling: 

ATC CHALLENGE September 1, 2012
in honor of labor day weekend ;)

I started out with a piece of 2.5 x 3.5 chipboard as a base.   I used red/blue mist and did an acrylic paint wash with white paint (I actually did that first, before the mist and after). I used a masking technique then for the heart and the USA...and added some TimHoltz ink for a rustic-type look.  my "i" made out of a Ki Memories American flag and rhinestones and fibers (compliments of Lynn -which came from  Great Balls Of Fiber which OF COURSE she now wants back because I used it *snort*

SO - your challenges are posted!  Should you chose to accept either of them, one of them, or neither (if you wanna BE that way) --- come visit us at Scrap N Chat ;)

Happy Labor Day Weekend


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  1. ooooo being on vacation I forgot that the challenges are rockin at SNC dangit. I'll be home soon.