Wednesday, September 26, 2012

another day, another challenge.

@ScrapNChat, Resa tosses us a "scraplift" LO to use.  The gist of this time around was to use "blurred" photos (not a problem. our kids were wild animals when we were trying to snap pics anyway, so blurry was the only option). 

I have started a "new trend" with myself --- the "& Again"  series of pages.   We take pictures of the kids the day that we leave.  It helps ease the kids emotions a little (some times more than others) and gives them something to look at in the next span of time until they see each other again. 

here we have "& again 9.2012": 
It also helps remind the kids (and ourselves at times too) that "it's not goodbye, it's *see you later*".

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  1. ooooo very cool. Love the series. Can't wait to see it evolve.