Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Challengezzz...that's "really very plural"

I am a self-proclaimed slacker with this blog.   My apologies to my peeps @ScrapNChat, *I* am the one that about 2weeks or so ago said "I DARE YOU to complete as many challenges as possible ASAP...GO!!".    And ... uh... I havent posted them because I'm blog-lazy.   I am nothing if I am not honest. 

All of that out of the system -- HERE WE GO with the challenges I've completed!! 

This one "A Day Out On The Town", done for the Barb's RECIPE challenge @SNC:

 #2 and #3 
  "& Again" done for TWO of the challenges combined:
*Janet's "flower from Washi tape" was genius (I chose rosettes)

and *Peggy's STAMP challenge "balancing act" inspired my Teresa Collins 'remember this' stamp with a StudioG butterfly :)
bringing us to ... #4 and #5
"I Know"
*Lynn's HYBRID AIN'T JUST FOR CARS challenge (thus my genius word-art heart and computer journaling
*Janell has a ScrapYourStash challenge with MONOCHROMATIC this month (hence my WHITE usage)

ALSO, I did participate in another ( #6), which was Peggy's CARD challenge to use a silhouette.  Gracie and I made a get well card for her grandma.   I was alllll kind of proud of myself that we did that quick, blahblahblah...then stuck the card in the mail....no photo of the completed card *snort*

AND THAT is why, when you toss down a gauntlet, you have to not be blog-lazy like me ;)

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